‘Amazon fired me’: Employee loses job who worked for 7 yrs over TikTok video

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San Francisco, Jan 18 (IANS) An Amazon employee, who worked for the company for seven years, claimed that he was fired because he shared a video on TikTok in which he jokingly asked customers to stop ordering heavy items as he was tired of lifting them.

TikToker @thatamazonguyy, whose first name is Kendall, posted a video last week revealing that the retail giant sacked him because of his complaints, reports the New York Post.

“Hi guys, I have some bad news. Uh, Amazon done fired my dumb**s. Seven long years down the drain just like that,” said the TikToker, who also calls himself “Amazon King” on the social media platform.

“Long story short, I made a video about four weeks ago where I told people to stop buying heavy items from Amazon because, as an Amazon worker, I’m tired of lifting heavy items.”

He further said that while a majority of viewers found the humour in the video he shared, others, like senior citizens weren’t laughing, the report mentioned.

“Most people took it as a joke, especially if you work at Amazon, you knew that I was kind of overexaggerating … but a lot of people were offended by my video,” he said.

The TikToker also apologised, saying that his intentions were not to cause any harm.

“If you were offended by that video, I am sorry. I never meant to offend anyone or discriminate against anyone. I just wanted to make a funny video. I’m not just saying that. I already lost my job and am ineligible for rehire, so please forgive me,” Kendall said.

Meanwhile, Amazon-owned audiobook and podcast division Audible is laying off 5 per cent of its staff, more than 100 employees, as part of overall job cuts at the e-commerce giant.

After laying off hundreds of employees at Twitch, Prime Video and MGM Studios this week, Amazon is also reducing staff at Audible, reports Variety.



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