Ankur Tewari decodes the idea behind viral hit ‘Khalasi’

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Mumbai, Feb 6 (IANS) The viral hit song ‘Khalasi’ has truly shaped the contours of the soundscape of social media. The song had countless impressions on social media serving as the background score for many dramatic and funny Reels on Instagram. Musician Ankur Tewari, who serves as the creative architect on the second season of ‘Coke Studio Bharat’, has decoded the idea behind the viral hit song ‘Khalasi’.

In a conversation with IANS, Ankur shared that the idea for the song was cracked within a couple of hours during their discussions. He also shared his philosophy as a musician and how it finds a strength in a platform like ‘Coke Studio Bharat’, and opened up on some of the defining moments from the first season of the show.

Ankur told IANS, “Working on ‘Khalasi’ was an exhilarating experience, especially with Saumya Joshi and Kausar Munir, who were integral members of our think tank. The ideation for the song unfolded within a couple of hours during our discussions – a process that was both thrilling and creatively charged. Witnessing Achint join the team with his guitar in hand, playing it like a flamenco guitarist, added to the passion we all felt while crafting the song.”

He further mentioned that when Saumya stepped in, he took it upon himself as a challenge to narrate a story of Gujarat that hadn’t been told before.

Ankur continued, “His perspective was beautifully articulated when he shared that India was discovered through Gujarat – the coast of Gujarat serving as the first touchpoint for those arriving from outside India. This resonated as the perfect introduction to the new season of Coke Studio Bharat, presenting the story of a coast that perhaps hadn’t been showcased to the world before.”

Sharing his philosophy as a musician, he told IANS, “One philosophy I really hold close to my heart, which even sometimes bothers my team, is to be honest with my expression and thoughts. We try to be extremely honest with the stories we are trying to tell and not manufacture it like a product.”

He added, “We are living in a world where people are making content, so to stand out I feel the one thing that will work is the honesty of our expression. We have amazing support from the Coke Studio Bharat team. They really come together and support the vision of trying to be honest with the stories we are trying to tell.”

Season 2 of ‘Coke Studio Bharat’ breaks away from its traditional studio setting and pioneers visual storytelling by expanding its narrative reach. This exploration spans diverse traditions, from Marathi and Kumaoni to Punjabi and Hindi, ensuring a unique and compelling experience for audiences across India.

Lyricist Swanand Kirkire, has joined the ranks of Kausar Munir and sound engineer and music producer KJ Singh

Ankur then went down the memory lane and recollected some of the defining moments from the previous season of Coke Studio Bharat.

He said, “Some of the moments were really beautiful and memorable. One instance that touched hearts was when the Kashmiri song, ‘Kya Karie Korimol’, resonated deeply with the audience, fostering connections between daughters and fathers. We received heartfelt messages from various parts of the country, accompanied by numerous graphic artworks inspired by the song”.

“The shooting of the Holi song, ‘Holi Re Rasiya’, was a vibrant celebration, and witnessing it being played in numerous pandals added to the excitement. The happiness soared when we saw people dancing together as DJs played our tracks – it truly felt like a big, happy family.

Another extraordinary moment was when ‘Khalasi’, our Gujarati song, entered the global charts. Additionally, the thrill of Falguni Pathak opening her set with our song added to the excitement and made it an unforgettable experience”, he added.

The second season of ‘Coke Studio Bharat’ is scheduled for launch on February 8.



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