Anthony Hopkins is a ‘loner’ who ‘doesn’t have many friends’

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Los Angeles, Jan 20 (IANS) Veteran star Anthony Hopkins has called himself a “loner” who doesn’t “have many friends” because he enjoys his solitude.

‘The Silence Of The Lambs’ star said that he’s not “antisocial” as he does have a rich family life and keeps himself busy with his work and hobbies.

He told People: “I’m very much a loner. I have very few friends. I’m not antisocial. I’m friendly, but I don’t seek out (company) … I do enjoy solitude. I know that sounds morbid but I do enjoy it.”

Despite coming across quite serious, Hopkins has shown off his silly side on TikTok with his goofy dance videos, and he has insisted his wife Stella and 20-year-old niece Tara talked him into joining the platform, reports

He added: “I’m slightly reluctant. I say: ‘Oh no, not again.’ But I do something silly because we need humour. We need a laugh in life. For good reason I guess, life is tough.The world is a savage place but life does have its beauty.”

Hopkins went on to address his own mortality – insisting he knows he’s only got a few more years of work left in him, but he’s actually in excellent shape.

He explained: “I’m aware of my mortality. To be realistic, I know that if I have a few more years of work left in me, I can do it. I’ve just had a medical check-up, I’m in good shape.”

It comes after the veteran actor celebrates almost five decades since giving up booze as 2024 will mark his 49th year sober.



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