Ariana Grande lashes out at hackers for leaking unreleased songs

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Los Angeles, Feb 28 (IANS) Singer-songwriter Ariana Grande has a message for people who leaked her music.

The singer recently spoke about some of her music from studio sessions with Grammy-winning producer Max Martin getting leaked on TikTok, including her song ‘Fantasize’, reports ‘People’ magazine.

She said on the Zach Sang Show, “Before I left for ‘Wicked’, the few studio sessions I did, which are all — all — over TikTok, thank you so much.”

Ariana then sent a message to the hackers: “I’ll see you in jail, literally.”

As per ‘People’, she explained that those songs were actually written for an unnamed TV show, not for her.

“So ‘Fantasize’ comes out — ‘comes out’ — crazy, was stolen. Comes out? Thieves, pirates, crooks, illegal. I’ll pay you more to put it away, to get it back,” she said with a laugh.

Ariana explained that the original version was “a parody of a 1990s girl group vibe”.

The singer then said that people had already heard them because hackers “stole them again.”

Ariana said: “They’re very different now — so that’s exciting, too.”

When asked by Sang if she’s heard fan made songs using an artificial-intelligence-powered version of her own voice, she remained unimpressed: “Yes, what are we doing? Why? I hate it.”



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