Ashmit Patel on back-to-back releases: It signals my return to the game

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Mumbai, Feb 19 (IANS) Actor Ashmit Patel, who is a part of web series ‘State v/s Ahuja’, and OTT film ‘Scammy Boys’, has opened up about his feelings regarding the two consecutive releases.

The actor said it feels incredibly rewarding, signalling his return to the game.

Following a brief self-imposed hiatus, two of Ashmit’s projects ‘State v/s Ahuja’ and ‘Scammy Boys’ have been released back-to-back.

In both projects, Ashmit plays the lead role, driving the storyline with his impactful performance. His fans are thrilled to see him back in action, and he shares their excitement.

Talking about the same, he said: “Having back-to-back releases feels incredibly rewarding, signalling my return to the game. During my time away from showbiz, I remained quite active. While I hadn’t had a series release in a couple of years, I did have a film release a year ago, along with an episode of a show on an OTT platform that aired a couple of months back.”

“Additionally, I’ve had several music videos released during this period. So, in many ways, I haven’t been away from the scene. I’ve been continuously shooting for various projects over the last couple of years, and now, these projects are finally seeing the light of day, resulting in the back-to-back releases,” expressed Ashmit.

The ‘Murder’ fame actor further added: “It feels like it’s been a while since my projects have been released, but with the fresh energy of the new year, 2024 feels different and promising. It seems like this year could be a significant one for me, with positive signs all around. I’m thrilled to finally share my work with the audience.”

In ‘State v/s Ahuja’, Ashmit portrays the character of Ansh Ahuja, a Bollywood actor who is accused of rape. On the other hand, in ‘Scammy Boys’, he takes on the role of a police officer.

‘State v/s Ahuja’ is streaming on Watcho Exclusives, while ‘Scammy Boys’, directed by Shoib Nikash Shah, is available on Zee5.



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