Savji Dholakia and Narendra Damodar Modi both  belong to Gujerat . Savji is a tycoon exporting diamonds and  as every one knows  Narendra Modi  is our Prime Minister.  Both started working from a tender age, the Prime Minister as a chai wala and the  diamond tycoon as a polisher of diamond stones. One is, today,  fifty and the other is sixty three. One is Chairman  and Managing Director  of Rs 6000 crore diamond export company, Hari Krishna Exports , with offices in Belgium, Hong Kong and London apart from Surat and Mumbai  with 8000 employees and the other , the older person, has the destiny of 1.2 billion people in his hands.

Savji Dholakia sold a dream five years  ago. All eight thousand working in his export company  responded and one thousand two hundred of them  actually realized  his dreams  at the end of five years, this year. Savji  has announced to the world this Diwali,  what  his dream,  fulfilled, means to each of these twelve hundred men and women. Those who do not have their own house will be given a two bed room flat, those who have a house will receive a car. Those who have both weill get jewellery.  Those who tried to  reach the goal   and  made the effort will also not be forgotten. Rs 50 crore will be spent to share Savji  joy at his  dreams realized , this Diwali,  with  his employees.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi   like  Savji Dhollakia     has   dreams , many dreams,  for  his countrymen.  Martin Luther King, the great African- American  also had a dream. Recall,  his famous “ I have a Dream “ speech  on August 28th 1963 spoken to 200,000 of his kith and kin, friends from the shadows of Lincoln Memorial in Washington . The dream of Savji Dholakia or for that matter the dream of Martin Luther King  were limited by their immediate vision. The diamond exporter  had visions of  of the growth of his export firm, the African- American civil  right activist had visions of equality . His passionate cry “ I have  a dream that my four children will live in a nation where  they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character” will continue to echo where and whenever  inequality will raise  its head.

Will Prime Minister Modi whose dreams for India  is in such a   vast scale ,achieve them in his political life time ? Will he achieve them partly or substantially?  He has dreams for all.   For the petitioner  class : jobs to the unemployed , skills to the unskilled, a home to one without one, a clean  Ganga – Yamuna , farmers out of the clutches of the  village Shylock . What is there for the aspirant class? Reforms, industrial, land , labour, a single window  for all dealings with the Government.  For the anti corruption  movers and shakers ? Return of the black money  ,sending the corrupt to the jail, fast tracking criminal cases against people’s representatives  What are his own  ambitions? Bank accounts ,the  JAN DHAN YOJANA for a million people, cleanliness , first toilets and then temples , the crusade launched on 2nd  October 2014 with the battle-cry “Swatchch Abhiyan “  and not to be forgotten  his feverish passion to see the Made in India  label every where goods are manufactured.    Like Savji Dholakia , like Martin Luther King  who  succeeded in realizing their dreams,  Narendra Modi, too, would want  to succeed.   His  dreams to come alive   will need  many shoulders to join and push .  Shoulders ,millions of them, require to be energized to allow him to climb higher and higher .He is the quintessential  ‘  blithe spirit ‘  from Shelley’s ‘ Ode to Sky Lark’  that has willed himself to soar to the  ‘near heavens’ pouring out his heart  to the ‘profuse strains of unpremeditated  art’. A messiah to many, a  twitter seer to a few and a clever politician to many more.    His supporters are legion and even those that are ambivalent stand and wait hoping they too serve his cause and as for non-believers of his dreams they do not count today.e I

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