Aviator in India – Why Do Indian Players Prefer 1win?


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One of the most popular gambling games in India is Aviator, created by the manufacturer Spribe. The crash game is available on different platforms such as 1win. You can play the casino game from both your computer and mobile device. To play from an iOS or Android device, you need a 1win download. The crash game has several important advantages, which is what makes it popular.

Key Advantages of Aviator at 1win

The main advantage of the crash game is the use of provable integrity technology based on the blockchain, saya https://1winbookie.in/casino/aviator/. The latter serves to record the results of all rounds. No one can change the data in the blockchain. At the same time, any gambler has access to the information recorded in the blockchain. By comparing hash sums, a gambler can check the results of any rounds. Even the rounds that were launched by other players are available for checking. Other advantages of the crash game are also highlighted.

The Chance of Winning

The crash game is able to give the gambler a really big prize. The maximum coefficient is equal to x100. If the player takes a risk and gets lucky, the game will bring a big payout even with a small bet. A wide range of bets allows the player to decide how much of the bankroll to spend. You can play in the 1win app with a small or large bankroll.

High Return Rate

The pros of the crash game can be attributed to its good return percentage. The RTP is 97%, which is much higher than the average. Thanks to its high return rate, gamblers are guaranteed a high chance of making a profit. The casino’s advantage in the crash game is only 3%, which is very low.

The Ability to Influence the Results of a Bet

Among the key pros of Aviator is the fact that the crash game allows you to influence the results of the round, unlike slot machines. Indian players decide for themselves when to stop the round and take the prize. It all depends on how well developed the gambler’s intuition is.

Stable Work on Almost Any Gadgets

Aviator works perfectly on quite old devices. Low system requirements make the crash game as accessible as possible for gamblers. Even with a low-speed Internet connection, players have no problems during the game.

Intuitive Interface

The simple interface makes Aviator easy to understand, even for beginners. The interface of the crash game can be divided into 3 parts:

  • Left – statistics of rounds;
  • Central – controls, playing field;
  • Right – in-game chat.

To start the game, the gambler only needs to specify the amount of the bet and click on the start button. There are buttons to change the bet several times at once.

Laconic Graphic Design

The Aviator is characterised by a laconic design. Thanks to this nothing prevents the user to concentrate on the gameplay. The player can calmly watch the growing odds without being distracted by the graphic elements. At the same time, the graphics of the crash game can not be called outdated.

Availability of Additional Features

There are 2 additional options in the crash game: auto bet and auto cashout. The first of these functions saves the gambler from having to manually specify the bet and press the start button. Autocashout involves specifying the multiplier at which the round will stop. Autostake and autocashout allow you to make gameplay fully automatic, minimising the involvement of the gambler in the gameplay.

Possibility of Getting 2 Prizes per Round

Aviator allows you to make a double bet. Having made such a bet, the user who wants to maximise the size of the prize, must 2 times press the cashout button. The ability to run 2 flights at once allows you to apply special strategies to win. For example, the first flight can be stopped at low odds, the second – at medium or high odds. Risky gamblers can try to apply maximum risk tactics for both bets, trying to get a multiplier x100.

Ability to Communicate With Other Players

Crash Game features an online chat room. Indian gamblers can chat with other Aviator players, learn from them about new strategies to beat the game, share their tactics. You can also chat about any other topics that are not prohibited by 1win rules.

Aviator Wagering Strategies at 1win App

You can increase your chances of winning at 1win app by using different winning tactics. There are 3 strategies that are different in terms of risk:

  • Minimum Risk Tactics. When using this strategy, you should stop the round at odds of x1.10. This tactic is not capable of giving large prizes, but it increases the chances of making a profit over a long distance.
  • Tactics of moderate risks. When using this tactic, it is necessary to cashout at a multiplier of x4-x6. The strategy can not be attributed to stable, as the flight can stop before reaching the specified multipliers.
  • Tactics of maximum risks. The strategy involves stopping the flight at a multiplier of x100. To increase the chances of winning, you need to look at the last time the multiplier x100 fell out before betting. After that, you need to count down from the corresponding time 1 hour and make a bet. The strategy is based on the fact that the multiplier x100 falls out, on average, once in 1-1.5 hours.

Go to the website or download 1win apk or ipa file and install the software to start playing Aviator for real money. Contact the company’s support team if you have any further questions.

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