Better save environment than your business, says member Pollution Board by Sanjay Chaturvedi

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“It is better to enquire about the financial credentials of your probable customer before dealing with him and losing your money, said Hemant Kelkar from Dun and Brudstreet.  Hemant was addressing the gathering of industrialists at hotel Delite in a seminar organised by Faridabad chapter of Laghu Udyog Bharti. Hemant and his counterpart Himanshu explained with the help of a demo that how one of the applications, their company has made, would help the businessmen to avoid any money of their going bad. The beauty of the application is that the same is offered to the industries free of cost. Himanshu said that the only thing the members registering to the application have to do is to fill up a registration form and get a login id of the company software. After getting access to the application the members have to submit figures of their outstanding debtors at the end of each month. With this they would be able to get the services of the application. The demo included the way it has to be used.  The application allows the member to enter the name of the customer he wants to enquire and the application would be giving the details of the credit worthiness of the party in detail. This said Himanshu can be applied to the existing customers too to check their standing in the market.

Hemant informed the present that their company is a 174 years old company and has its presence in 200 countries. He said that the company is committed to prevent the security of the data of the customers and has been awarded with the ‘Most Ethical Company’ for the last consecutive seven years. The company has 24000 business records and 18,00,000 satisfied customers with them.  Hemant also explained the reason of offering the application free of cost. He said that the data they are getting free of cost would be used in other costly applications for which they get handsome amounts from their particular customer segment.

After the presentation by the Dun and Brudstreet, Shailendra Arora, SDO Haryana State Pollution Control Board addressed the gathering about the functioning of the department. Arora said that in order to enhance the level of transparency in the department the process of consent was made online in the year 2013. In 2014, the industries were categorized in three different sections of Red, Orange and Green.  The department is under continuous process to make the system more transparent, said Arora.

Also present on the occasion was Ramakant Bhardwaj, National Vice President Laghu Udyog Bharti. Bhardwaj is a nominated member to Haryana State Pollution control Board. Bhardwaj, in his address, underlined the anomalies in the present list of industries by the board. He cited many examples of the contradictions in the listing just by adding or removing a few words from the process. He shared with the members the proposals he has been working and have given to the board. Since he is from the industry and has studied the pollution rules in depth, he has already got many corrections made to the list of industries. He said that merely wrong wording of the industry may land the same into the list of Red industries instead of the green. He also talked about the stringent penalties proposed in the hazardous waste disposal which, the members also felt illogical. Penalty as high as five crores would certainly be leading to closure of many industries, said Bhardwaj. He called upon the members to file their objections either on the website of the department or through him on the said provisions still at the stage of draft resolution and available in public domain. He called upon the members to take utmost care of Mother Nature. He said if the choice is between survival of business and survival of environment, it is better that we opt for survival of environment and shut down our industry. He said that we are equally responsible to maintain ecological balance and none of us has a right to pollute the environment just to earn a bounty.

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