Bhumi says it is ‘amazing’ to be working at a time when a woman can headline a series

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Mumbai, March 20 (IANS) Actress Bhumi Pednekar, who is stepping into the world of series with ‘Daldal’, is happy that women actors are being empowered to headline projects on top global streaming platforms.

Bhumi said: “It feels amazing that I work at a time when a woman can headline a series on a global streaming platform, and feel supremely empowered that she can command such a massive mounting.”

She added: “I’m honestly humbled by this realisation and it motivates me to work so hard that I deliver powerful performances that are remembered by people.”

About her next big challenge to play a cop in ‘Daldal’, Bhumi said that she is naturally drawn to challenges.

“That’s my core. Have always done this right since my debut.. I believe that we are in the age of content and actors can really shine bright with these opportunities.”

She said that Daldal is that perfect project for her to show a completely new side to her performance.

“It presents me in a whole new way and I love pushing my boundaries.”

Talking about her character in the series, Bhumi said: “I love that in Daldal, I play a woman who has shattered the glass ceiling by being appointed as the DCP of Mumbai. She is a super achiever in a man’s world and I loved that layer of the show along with all the beautiful complexities that the role and the script has to offer.

“I think a character like this will resonate with the times that we live in because a woman is no longer shackled down and is ambitious and independent.”

‘Daldal’, a thriller, revolves around DCP Rita Ferreira, who is haunted by the guilt of her past and dealing with the demons of her present. She embarks on an investigation of a series of murders that puts her on a collision course with a cold-blooded serial killer.



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