‘Bigg Boss 15’ fame Ieshaan Sehgaal says ‘Love is not for everyone, not for me’

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Mumbai, Jan 14 (IANS) Ieshaan Sehgaal, who appeared on ‘Bigg Boss 15’, recently released the track ‘Fer Milange’.

He shared his opinion on love and said that Love is not for everyone, and certainly not for him at the moment.

Earlier, Ieshaan has released tracks such as ‘Tere Bin’, ‘Hunter’, and ‘Dil Kehta Hai’. With ‘Fer Milange’, he has taken a distinctive turn in his musical journey.

The music video, shot in Chandigarh, portrays Ieshaan in a character that breaks away from his perceived image. Dressed in traditional kurta pyjama attire, he embodies a small-town persona, exuding innocence and purity.

He shared insights into the creative process behind ‘Fer Milange’. He expressed his excitement, as he said, “I think they haven’t seen me in a beard and kurta pyjamas. I am excited about that.”

The decision to take on this unique character was fueled by the character’s innocence, a quality that resonated deeply with Ieshaan upon hearing the song.

Sharing his views on love, Ieshaan expressed, “Love is not for everyone, and I think it’s not for me — at least, not until now. However, I love playing romantic roles. At least there, I can have a romantic love life.”

This candid confession adds a personal touch to the artist’s journey, highlighting the contrast between his on-screen persona and real-life perspectives.

He further mentioned, “It’s a hit for sure. Deedar is a very good singer with a great voice, and I am sure people will love it”.

In this musical venture, Ieshaan invites his audience to explore a different side of his artistry, promising a delightful and unexpected experience.



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