‘Bigg Boss 17’: Arun breaks down after wife informs him about miscarriage

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Mumbai, Jan 12 (IANS) During the family week, Arun Mashetty’s wife entered the show and gave some heartbreaking news to the contestant after which he was seen bursting into tears.

Arun was asked to come inside the confession room, where his wife Malak was seen waiting for him. She then told him to be strong before giving out the news.

She shared that she had a miscarriage and it was because she was missing him. After which, Arun was seen breaking down.

To pacify him, his wife said: “God liked him, he took him.” and that the baby is still “zinda” between the two of them. She also spoke about their daughter.

After the sensitive conversation, Bigg Boss shared that the information was not shared to Arun because his family did not want him to know and instead wanted him to focus on the game.

Arun’s wife also shared that now his haters to will become his friends after seeing him in the show.

Later, his wife in the garden area was seen talking to Arun about quitting alcohol. She also told him to thank Bigg Boss for helping him quit it.



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