#Biharis have delivered messages in 2014 and 2015: Shantonu Sen

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Biharis have delivered messages in 2014 and 2015.In 2014 he favoured  development and promises of good days .BJP and Modi ,therefore, got his maximum support  then. There is no reason to believe that this faith in them has been in any way shaken. The BJP leaders and the Prime Minister saw mammoth crowds when and where they canvassed in Bihar in 2015. The message in2015 is  that the same Bihari also believes that the federal  system is best run in India  when different parties  govern  in the Centre and the State. In 2015 he also delivered the message that while a non- Bihari can be the Prime Minister , one of his own and from a different party than the BJP must govern his Bihar if he has the right credentials.

This Bihari,can vote for a “bahari” for Delhi while voting for an efficient ” bihari” for Pataliputra. The Bihari  like the majority of voters in India is a part of our anti-communal forces .  He supports the secular forces . The Bihari has  welcomed the  coming together of such forces notwithstanding their  estrangement in the past. He has shown that  he believes past enmity among them is no impediment to his support for them if they present a genuine united front and that too an anti-communal front. Above all the Bihari is pragmatic. Corruption charges  against politicians must be investigated , he firmly believes, and they must be tried . But once the debt is paid to society these politicians are welcome again.  Lalu has been convicted but to the consternation of many he is free to canvass, to be judged afresh and  be allowed to seek redemption by the Biharis.  This behavior is not exclusive to him.  Those who are residents in other States  of India ,too similarly believe. A Jayalalita can return to power after being convicted ,  Way back in 1980 Mrs Gandhi also returned to power after committing the mortal sin of emergency.  Bihari  in 2015has just reiterated  what many in India have been practicing from time to time over the years.

Another lesson in Democracy has been driven home by Bihar.. It has been , some time, in coming but Bihar, after  more than sixty years, has shown the way.  To have the same power in Delhi and the same power in Bihar or for that matter in other States is not good for democracy. The big ruler must not have his way in all the States. If  the Centre has a national party at the helm the State will be better served if it has a Regional Party in control. This is a control  with in democracy that Bihar has scripted in 2015. The Bihari is neither whimsical nor  an eccentric nor thoughtless. No Indian, possibly , is when it comes to votes. After voting in, by a substantial majority ,Modi and BJP to run  the Centre, eighteen months ago in the General Elections the rejection of this combine in the State Elections is his way of exercising control over his democratically elected rulers. The great turmoil in the BJP , today ,at loosing Bihar does not  take into consideration that for the good things promised  the Bihari and probably the rest of the country will hold judgment till 2019. But being shrewd, and my countrymen are just that, on that promise of goodies he will not hand it power else where in the country to the same combination, if and that is a big caveat ,he has a reasonable alternative.. He did not give Modi the National Capital Territory of  Delhi  as there was an alternative nor has he given it Bihar as there ,too, is a good alternative nor will he give them , I believe, U P or Punjab or Bengal Tamil Nadu . Now Assam too may slip out.  He has given Modi and BJP the Centre, Delhi  itself. Hard work here please as your hands  are full is now his expectation from them .

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