Blatant food safety violations found at top eateries in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad, May 19 (IANS) Maida (refined wheat flour) highly infested with black beetles, expired or unlabelled food items, food handlers without medical fitness certificates are among the glaring violations of food safety norms detected at some top eateries in Hyderabad.

Continuing its drive, the task force team of the Commissioner of Food Safety, Telangana found unhygienic conditions, improper storage practices and other violations during the inspections.

The team, during its inspection at Rayalaseema Ruchulu in Lakdikapul area on, found maida highly infested with black beetles. It destroyed 20 kg maida and two kg tamarind which was infested with insects. The Task Force also found expired Amul gold milk and discarded the same.

The food inspectors also seized 168 bottles of Goli Soda worth Rs 16,000 for not possessing manufacturing licence. Unlabelled cashew and jowar roti worth Rs 11,000 were discarded.

They found that vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items were being stored together. There were also hygiene issues like blocked drains and open windows in the kitchen area.

At Shah Ghouse, a popular restaurant, the Task Force found unlabelled prepared/semi-prepared items in storage. Medical records of food handlers were not unavailable. The team detected water stagnation at the hotel. The inspectors collected statutory samples and sent them to the laboratory for analysis.

At Kamat Hotel in Khairatabad, the food inspectors seized unlabelled noodles and tea powder packets worth Rs. 25,000. Food handlers were found without medical fitness certificates and haircaps/gloves

During the inspection at Sukha Sagara Veg Restaurant, the team found JK Button Mushroom packets without manufacturing and use by dates and destroyed the same on the spot. It also noticed plastering flakes spread over roof and wall areas while Kitchen premises had no separation from the outside environment.

Earlier, the Task Force team also conducted inspections in Ameerpet Metro Station outlets. At Ratnadeep retail store, it found 15 Cadbury Bournville Dark Chocolate leaking from sealed packs, seized the same and collected samples for analysis.

At Jumbo King Burgers, the food inspectors found the eatery operating with registration instead of applicable License which is against FSSAI rules. It was also not using TPC Meter to check the quality of re-used oil. Unlabelled Paneer Patty was discarded. The team also found water stagnation and open dustbins.

The Task Force found improper medical fitness certificates at KFC.

At Five Star Food Court, the team found that the quality of re-used oil was not being monitored with a TPC meter. Open dustbins and no hair-caps/gloves were the hygiene issues found.

Welcoming the intensified checking at eateries by the food safety authorities, many social media users have urged them not to stop till those violating the rules either fall in line or shut down the eateries.



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