Burari House of Horror : Pipes, Grills present unusual pattern, mystery deepens with recent revelations!

Prerit Chauhan

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New Delhi: On Sunday, bodies of 11 members of a family including minors

were found hanging from the ceiling of their house in Delhi’s Burari area. The 11 members of the family include seven women and four men.

This Burari suicide case messed up everyone’s head as It was very hard to digest that on earth how can 11 people including minors, can agree at the sametime for hanging.

Sources said that one of the sons would get dreams of his father as he loved him. He would consult him before making any decision.

Intial report suggested that it’s a matter of suicide and some reports also suggested that the family hailed from Rajasthan and was going through financial trouble. Delhi Police said a possible mystical connection as there was no evidence of any forced entry into the two-storyed house. Post-mortem also established there were no signs of struggle, and 10 of them died as a result of hanging. One died of partial hanging.

Two diaries were also found at house which helped police make some sense of the mass suicides. A report by the sub-divisonal magistrate to the crime branch says that the entire family had books on ‘occult rituals’ and religious practices, and which they performed as well.

The more information was coming in front the more Burari deaths were getting creepier.

Investigation got more complicated, As on july 2, Monday, the police found 11 pipes near the entrance of the house. The pipes were found coming out of the house in an unusual manner. While four of the pipes were straight, seven of them were titled.

Straight pipes in this wall that may signify the men and the rest L shaped ones for the women. worse, they seem to be placed age-wise in the wall.

On the other hand, Relative Of the family rubbished the report of suicides and believe it’s a matter of mass murder.

"Someone killed them and all the reports on the spiritual angle are bogus. This family was a happy and peace-loving one, who never believed in ‘babas’," said Sujata Nagpal, who lives in Panipat.

Police analysing the call details of the people the family was in touch with in the final week got information of some Jaanegadi baba. The Delhi Police will issue a formal statement after the final postmortem report is given to them next week.

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