BW Business world organises Education Summit and Super 30 Top Education Brands Awards

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New Delhi (29 August 2023): The BW Education Super 30 Top Education Brands Awards & Summit witnessed a galaxy of top academicians and industry stalwarts come together for a productive day of discussion and honours.

The day long event focuses on recognizing and applauding the quality of education in India by uniting Institution leaders and regulators to explore how they can leverage technologies, strategies, and management tools with each other to help create a world-class Institution.

Bringing together the Gamut of school and higher education together, this pivotal event featured high-level dialogue and strategies as well as turned out to be a platform to recognize and celebrate the best education brands in the country.

The audience can expect a full of power-packed discussion and an award ceremony to felicitate the super 30 minds of India who have been the flag bearer of the change we need to see in the education landscape.

Talking about the event and what brainstorming sessions one can expect from it, Dr. Pankaj Mittal, Secretary General Associate of Indian University, New Delhi said, that, “We have to talk about why the students of 21st century are different from others students. The technology and things are changing too fast in present era and there is going to be a well defined life long learning pattern. Today’s students want to be problem solvers, solution providers. They want to work in team and they really love taking challenges. They want to learn from their mistakes and move ahead.”

However, outlining challenges she added, “Question is how to reach the masses, how to go to the last student who lives in rural areas. In Covid luckily we got answers to some of the questions and it was the proper use of technology. Technology is now readily available and it means their are lots of possibilities.”

Talking about the growth of Higher education sector in the country, Dr. Shashank Shah, Director ( Senior Specialist – Higher Education ) NITI Aayog said, “In 1950 we were just 20 universities but today we are 1200. The numbers of students was about 2 lakh today we are over 4 crores. What Business World Education is talking through this theme is very critical for Higher Education. Now there are more women in the higher education system then men. Yet there is much opportunity for improvement and nearly 13 state and union territories, specially the eastern and north eastern part of India has not achieved this kind of gender parity. There is need to focus on the education of children of migrants labourers. There is need for better higher education ecosystem. There is a need to provide content in local language.”


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