Candle March held to get Rajasthani as official language of the State

Jaipur | 10 January , 2023 – Thousands of young Rajasthani gathered at the Shaheed Smarak in Jaipur on the day of Pravasi Bhartiya Divas and appealed the state government to make Rajasthani language as state’s official language. NSUI President Abhishek Choudhary, Former Students Union President Ravindra Singh Bhati, JNVU Students Union President Arvind Singh Bhati, General Secretary Rajasthan University Arvind Jajhra, Students Union President Kota University Ajay Pareta, Former General Secretary Mahaveer Gurjar R.U.,Student leader Moti Singh Jodha, Shubham Rewar and other student leaders from all the universities of Rajasthan, Presidents of different communities and youth from different districts gathered for assembly and candle march at Shahid Smarak in Jaipur. The youth gathering appealed the state government to provide the status to Rajasthani language as a state’s official language.

An agitation “Hello Mayad Bhasha Rau” started by the Rajasthani Yuva Samiti, to get Rajasthani language the status of state’s official language, in the whole of Rajasthan. The Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas was chosen by the Rajasthani Yuva Samiti for garnering the support of NRRs spread all over the world. The Samiti had started this movement on Twitter, with #राजस्थानीमांगेराजभासा hashtag on Twitter, bringing it to number 1 trending in India by tweeting more than 2,00,000 people.

Rajveer Singh Chalkoi, National Advisor, Rajasthani Yuva Samiti, said that keeping in mind the budget of the state, Rajasthani Yuva Samiti has been actively roaming all over Rajasthan for the last several months and connecting the youth for the recognition of Rajasthani language and its The effect is now visible in the youth of Rajasthan, youth have started writing songs, plays, films, music, poems in Rajasthani in their own way, they have no hesitation in speaking Rajasthani on the stage. Rajveer Singh Chalkoi is a historian and inspires youth and students to respect the history of Rajasthan as well as the language and the great literature of Rajasthan.

Shubham Rewar from Jaipur team of Rajasthani Yuva Samiti said that if Rajasthani language does not get the status of state language then the people of Rajasthan will agitate strongly. The Samiti has made it clear from its official statement that if the government does not understand in time, the youth will go on hunger strike. Earlier in Manak Alankaran event at Jodhpur, Chief Minister Rajasthan Shree Ashok Gehlot Ji confirmed that he will meet Rajasthani Yuva Samiti after Gujrat election and discuss what he can do, Youth gathered in Jaipur from all over Rajasthan to remind the promise made by Rajasthan’s Chief Minister.

Rajasthani Yuva Samiti’s political advisor Rohan Rewar said if the government does not invite samiti for meeting before January 23, then the youth of entire Rajasthan will agitate with full force and youth from every division of Rajasthan will participate in the movement.

Rajasthani Yuva Samiti is demanding Chief Minister Rajasthan Shree Ashok Gehlot Ji to give Rajasthani the status of official language, which is a completely justified demand.

Spoke person of samiti Abhishek Sharma said with the status of Rajasthani as the state language, there will be an increase in employment, there are many benefits associated with the recognition of the language, the biggest advantage is that it will provide ample employment opportunities to the local youth of the state. Due to not being a legally authorized language, jobs are still not available on the basis of language.

On the basis of Article 345, the state government can make a law and give the status of state language to Rajasthani.

The state government can give the status of official language to Rajasthani language by introducing a bill in the Vidhansabha and enacting a law in this regard. Many state governments of the country have given the status of official language to different languages of their region.

Praveen Makwana, Vice President of Rajasthani Yuva Samiti, gave details of the objectives of the committee and the work done so far to the young friends from all over Rajasthan. In the end, National Advisor Rajveer Singh Chalkoi thanked all the friends who came on behalf of the committee and the Government of Rajasthan. Called upon to make Rajasthani the state language in time, he inspired the youth of entire Rajasthan to win this battle by staying united. Rajveer told that not only Brij, Mewati, Hadauti, Marwari, but all the dialects which were sent to the Center in the proposal of 2003 by this government, all of them together make Rajasthani language and Rajasthani Yuva Samiti is demanding the government to implement the same proposal in the state.

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