CBI is trying hard to catch Dawood: Shantonu Sen, Ex Joint Director CBI @pmoindia

Saurabh Shrivastava and Ashish Tiwari Tennews

intro: We have with us big name from CBI, Shantonu Sen, former Joint Director and Special I.G. of CBI. He is frequently seen on news channels for sharing his precious thoughts, including Bombay blasts, Menon brothers and several others.

TN: What has been your biggest case during your CBI tenure till 1996
SS: My biggest case was, I detected a person with forge signatures of Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi, that was a very sensitive issue and after several efforts I grabbed him. Case was concluded in a big duration and after lots of investigation with prudence. During that case I got the opportunity to meet Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

TN: What is your take on Menon brothers’ case so far?
SS: This case was thoroughly and well prosecuted, one of the brothers has been punished by the court and one is still absconding, CBI is trying to catch him with all efforts at a decent pace. This matter is a big issue for the whole nation.

TN: What do you think about Dawood Ibrahim’s involvement in Bombay blasts?
SS: Dawood Ibrahim is one of the top nine accused of Bombay blasts, CBI is still making solid efforts to catch him and it needs a great commitment and dedication to achieve the goal. Current govt. is also looking the matter closely with an all round support to CBI.

TN: Do you think CBI today is puppet in the hands of Executive?
SS: CBI cannot be a puppet, it’s an agency. I feel very sad whenever someone says, CBI is Congress Bureau of Investigation and Corrupt Bureau of Investigation. Only officers can be puppets who are at high ranks and positions. CBI has to look inside himself for better outcome.
TN: What are your suggestions for improving CBI status?
SS: CBI has to implement some more tough conducts for investigations to produce a fair conclusion during inquiry, in a certain frame of time. CBI is really doing good job and needs to focus on commitment and loyalty.

TN: What do you think about state policing scenario, especially UP and Delhi police?
SS: I think it’s a time to relook at the functioning of state police, cases should be distributed and circulated to the agencies and police as per the circumstances and intensity of crime. According to me, motto should be to solve the case in a certain time. It’s a high time to review our Police and agencies portfolio.



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