Christopher Nolan recalls his Peloton instructor’s diss of ‘Tenet’ while he was working out with her

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Los Angeles, Jan 5 (IANS) Auteur Christopher Nolan, who is known for ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy, ‘Interstellar’, ‘Dunkirk’ and others, narrated an incident when his instructor, Jenn Sherman dissed his film.

While accepting the award for Best Director from the New York Film Critics Circle, Nolan said: “I was on my Peloton doing a high-interval workout. I’m dying. The instructor started talking about one of my films (later discovered to be ‘Tenet’) and said, ‘Has anyone else seen this? Because that’s a couple hours of my life I’ll never get back again’,” reports Deadline.

Nolan went on to use the anecdote as a way to tout the professionalism of the assembled film critics. “When (film critic) Rex Reed takes a s— on your film, he doesn’t ask you to work out,” Nolan joked.

“In today’s world, where opinions are everywhere, there is a sort of idea that film criticism is being democratised. But I, for one, think the critical appreciation of films shouldn’t be an instinct, but it should be a profession,” he added.

As per Deadline, footage of Nolan’s speech was captured by critic Matt Neglia, who posted it on social media.

“This song is from the soundtrack of a movie called Tenet,” Sherman said in the clip. “Anybody see this s—? Did anybody see this besides me? Because I need a manual. Someone’s got to explain this. Yeah I’m not kidding, what the f— was going on in that movie? Do you understand? Seriously, you need to be a neuroscientist to understand. And that’s two and a half hours of my life that I want back.”



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