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Dr. Harsh Vardhan has said that Chief Minister Sheila Dixit an her government have completely failed on every front of public welfare. The Political acumen of the people of Delhi is very deep. They take right decision at right time. People of Delhi have resolved to bring BJP government in Delhi and help making Delhi prosperous. He told that BJP will certainly return to the people of Delhi, their beautiful Delhi. Employment to youth, security to women, Job and Houses to the poor will be ensured.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan was replying to the questions put by the women journalists and reporters from all the fields of Media. He told that his daughter is also of 22 years of age. Just after 7:00 pm the family members are worry about her safe return. The Youth of Delhi are frustrated lot. About 11 Lakh youth are registered in the employment exchange but they have not been provided employment during the last 15 years. He told that there is fight between Congress and AAP for the second place. The people of Delhi have already made up their mind to make BJP victorious by huge margin and place BJP at the first position.

The chief minister of Delhi is behaving in a despotic manner and downgraded the dignity of democratic institutions. She promises of providing Houses, Cheap ration, Ration Cards, Job to the Poor people on the occasion of every election but starts treating the poor in step motherly way after winning elections. The Lokayukta of Delhi has passed many orders against the CM and directed her to desist from making false promises and misleading them. He has also written to the President in this regard but the CM continues to make misleading promises.

The Chief Minister had distributed provisional certificates of regularization to the people of 1639 unauthorized colonies through Congress President Sonia Gandhi but these colonies have not been regularized. Chief Minister and Sonia Gandhi have misled 50 lakh people of these colonies. Now it is being clamed that 895 unauthorized colonies have been regularized. It is completely false because if the colonies are regularized then the sale and purchase of properties should have been started. But registration of properties has not begun.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan further said that the Chief Minister wasted 700 crore rupees on renovation of Conaughtplace. During the Commonwealth Games bungling of 20,000 crore rupees was committed. There is long list of scams such as Power privatization scam, Jal Bord scam, Transport scam, Health scam, DTC scam, power-water meter scam during 15 years rule of the Chief Minister. But she is in denial mood.

After coming to power Art and Culture of Delhi will be revivet. Delhi will be given status of full state. People shall travel safely during day and night hours. All the dark corners of the capital will be made safe and free from accident. Arrangements shall be made to ensure that the incident like Nirbhya and Gudiya do not happen again.

After coming to power BJP will get the accounts of the power companies audited from the first day of privatization. Power tariff will be decreased. Power theft has gone down from 58% to 16% but the power companies are busy in looting the people with the connivance of the government. Water distribution will be made uniform and every house will have solar power.

In the year 2007 BJP had won MCD elections and previously all the MPs of Delhi were of BJP. In the year 2012 BJP again won the MCD elections. Even Seemapuri and Seelampur seats were with BJP. Now Delhi wants change. Hence it will vote for BJP which is going to form government in Delhi.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan further said that during the last 15 years the government did not take care of basic services like health and education. When BJP was in power in Delhi it had secured land from the V.C. of JNU for building big hospital in south Delhi. In the mean times the BJP lost power in Delhi and the successor Congress government did not construct hospital. Congress falsely claims that it started Metro rail in Delhi. Reality is that the then PM Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee inaugurated Metro rail services from Kashmeri Gate to Shahdara. When Dr. Sahib Singh Verma was the Urban Development Minister he had framed plan for scores of flyovers in Delhi. Today Congress clams that they have constructed flyovers in Delhi.

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