Congress Committee launched a new prograame with name ‘AAPKE DWAR SHARVAN KUMAR’.

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2015-In a press brief today, Sh. Ajay Maken, President, Delhi

Congress Committee launched a new prograame with name ‘AAPKE DWAR

SHARVAN KUMAR’. Sh. Maken said that the Congress Party does political works

but simultaneously its workers shall also be involved with social activities. Sh. Maken

said that service of Mother-Father is the real and big service. Our Congress workers

shall go door to door in blocks and shall indentify the Old aged people. They shall also

prepare the data and identity the old aged people who are living alone. The District

wise conventions were held in 14 Districts in which as many as 28 thousands workers

were registered. These workers shall go door to door and will connect with the people.

Sh. Ajay Maken further said the battalion of 28 thousand active workers of congress

party shall take up the social issues of the people.

Sh. Ajay Maken said that as per the police records of the year 2009, there were 8500

senior citizens in Delhi but when the Congress Party got done survey through voters

list, we could find only 542000 senior citizens who are above 70 years of age. The

Congress workers shall do security audit of senior citizens and shall contact them in

coming 4 months. We have prepared a Pamphlet to be distributed to senior citizens

containing 10 points to be told to the senior citizens. A copy of the Pamphlet is

annexed here with for your kind perusal. Sh. Ajay Maken said that he has told his

Congress Workers to ask two things from the senior citizens about their age and

contact number. These contact numbers of senior citizens will be given to the Local

Police also so that the Police may also prepare record and take care of them about their

safety and security. Through this exercise, DPCC also wants to help Delhi Police. The

Birthday of senior citizens shall be celebrated in every block on the first Saturday of

every month. He said that we are there to celebrated their happiness. Sh. Ajay Maken

further said that on the one hand DPCC fights political battle on the streets and on the

other hand they shall also carry out social activities.


The Delhi is facing a Constitutional crisis for the last many days. The Constitutional

crisis has taken place in Delhi over the issue of the appointment of Chief Secretary

between BJP and Aam Admi Party. These two political parties are responsible for this

crisis. This crisis is artificially created by these two political parties so that the

attention of the people may be diverted from basic problems of the people. Sh. Ajay

Maken further said that there is shortage of electricity and water in Delhi and long cuts

of electricity. There are many areas in Delhi where there is no water.

Sh. Ajay Maken said that a note dated 13th May was sent by Sh. Sisodia, Deputy Chief

Minsiter to LG in which the name of Ms. Shakuntal Gamlin was there but there was

objection in the name of S.P.Singh, then why Kejriwal is making hue and cry on her

name. The LG is cancelling the orders of the Government. Both are showing adamancy

in the matter due to which people of Delhi are suffering. Sh. Maken said that My

Kejriwal has forgotten that Delhi is the Union Territory which does not have same

powers as with the full fledged States. Mr. Kejriwal should leave his arrogancy. His

style of protest does not work in running the Government. Both should work together

for the Development of Delhi. The Government Officials are becoming the scape goats

in this fight as they are in dilemma to whose order they should follow. Government

machinery is at halt. The Officials are given show cause notices. He further said that

in the history of Delhi it never happened.

Sh. Ajay Maken said that Mr. Kejriwal should follow the Politics of Development

rather than the politics of protest. He should change is negative mind set.

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