Craving to do a Bollywood item number: Aradhana Sharma

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Mumbai, Jan 23 (IANS) Actress Aradhana Sharma, who has performed a dance number in the Marathi film ‘Khurchi’, said it is her dream to do a Bollywood item number and shared how she is really manifesting it.

Aradhana, who was recently seen in the web series ‘Video Cam Scam’ said: “It’s my dream, and I am craving to do a Bollywood item number. I’m hoping that my video somehow reaches a director or someone in the industry, and they quickly like it, taking it as a reference.”

“I want them to think, ‘We need someone like Aradhana who danced gracefully in that video’. I am really manifesting it, wishing to do a Bollywood item number as soon as possible. I am dying to do it. I am a very desi girl, a girl who loves Bollywood cinema very much, and I would love to be a part of a Bollywood item number, just like Helen,” she shared.

“Helen is a very powerful lady, a powerful personality, and I really want people to recognize me like they recognise her as well as how they recognise Nora Fatehi. I want them to see me as a powerful actress because dancing is a very creative form, and I want to be acknowledged as a very powerful, intelligent actor, someone with diverse skills, and of course, an amazing dancer.”



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