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A former Chief Secretary of Delhi on the panel of Karan Thapar show on India Today recently, supported L G and Central Government in their stand that the Police in ACB Delhi have to report to LG as Delhi Police is a Reserved Subject of the LT Governor Delhi This former bureaucrat is in error.
Apart from Delhi Police , Land , Public Order and Services ( IAS, IPS, DANICS, DANIPS), all Reseved Subject under L G Delhi, the rest of the Departments in Delhi are in the Transferred Subjects, Transferred Subjects are under the purview of the elected Delhi Government. Police officers and men belonging to Delhi Police are also working in the Departments of Vigilance, Home Guards and Delhi Prisons..All officers and men whose services have been transferred from Delhi Police to these Departments after complying with all administrative procedures are no longer in Delhi Police. They belong to the same category of Delhi Police officers and men whose services have been loaned to the various Departments of the Central Government like the I B, CBI, BPRD, ITBP MHA , INDIAN EMBASSY’S etc. They no longer report to L G Delhi. LG’S writ runs among Deli Police officers and men who continue to serve its parent department i.e Delhi Police. Therefore all Delhi Police Officers and men who are presently working in the Departments of Vigilance ( which includes ACB), Home Guards and Prisons which are all departments that are listed among the Departments in the Transferred Subject, report only to the State Government. When they return to their parent department, i.e. Delhi Police , L. G. Delhi will be their supremo.

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