Delhi LG writes another letter to Kejriwal, accuses him of abducting duties, responsibilities

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New Delhi, 8 October 2022: Soon after Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s remark about LG’s ‘love letters’, LG Saxena sent another official letter accusing the Delhi government and its leaders of exceeding all propriety bounds and “running away” from constitutional obligations and administrative responsibilities.

However, Kejriwal responded to the letter by going public and saying, “Aaj ek aur love letter aaya hai. He further posted that the BJP was “hell-bent on destroying the lives of the people of Delhi,” assuring them not to be alarmed. These people raise a fuss about something every day. I want to reassure everyone in Delhi: As long as your son is alive, don’t worry. I won’t permit anyone to harm you.”

In the six-page letter, LG Saxena had asked Arvind Kejriwal to be aware of the background surrounding the unsubstantiated, false, and deceptive assertions being made by his deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia and party members. “I regret that you and your leaders have gone beyond the pale of appropriateness and are evading your obligations under the constitution, in administration, and in governance. Saxena further accused the administration of distancing itself from actual work since it relies on speeches and advertisements for funding,” the letter read.

LG further claimed that AAP and its leaders launched a personal attack against him after he pointed irregularities in their working.

Saxena criticised AAP government by citing a number of issues, including Delhi Excise Policy, claims of serious irregularities in the construction of school buildings, the chief minister’s missing signature on crucial documents sent to the L-G, the ongoing audit, and other issues he had previously raised.

Saxena further claimed that the AAP administration abandoned the Delhi Excise Policy 2021–22 after acknowledging its shortcomings. “The creation of the liquor policy is the subject of claims. It involves prominent individuals. In this case, two people have been taken into custody thus far. Did I make a mistake by demanding an investigation into the situation?” he questioned.

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