Delhi People reacts over Opposition questioning credibility of EVMs & Exit Polls


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New Delhi, (22/5/2019): Exit polls suggest Prime Minister Narendra Modi will win a landslide victory when votes are counted on Thursday. But if the polls are wrong, he may need outside help to form government.

Meanwhile the opposition parties are united to raise a voice against the moving of EVM machines and counting of 5 VVPAT machine slips only. The opposition yesterday held a meeting and later handed over a memorandum to the Election Commission asking them to properly investigate the moving of EVMs and increasing the VVPAT slips tally to 100%.

Today, Ten News team reached to the people of Delhi to know about their opinion on the Exit Polls suggesting 300+ seats to NDA and the opposition raising question on the credibility of EVM and VVPAT.

All of the people whom we contacted said, “that there is no doubt in NDA getting the majority in the results of the elections but there can be a difference in the figures which were shown in the Exit Polls. Many of them said that the NDA will cross 300 mark while the Bharatiya Janata Party will get around 250 – 270 seats”.

On the question of whether they agree to the allegations imposed by the opposition parties in regard of EVM hacking they said, “EVM cannot be hacked as it is not connected to any internet or programming device. It is a machine which works on it on, there is no point of hacking the EVMs or anything related to pre programmed EVMs”.

“Reacting over EVM hacking, an IIT Delhi Communication Engineer said Hardeep Sikand said, “EVM cannot be hacked as it is not connected to any computer or internet service. It is just the frustration of the opposition parties due to which they are questioning its credibility. The same EVM machines make them won in the past years, they didn’t question on its credibility then. Its just their fear of losing”.

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