Delhi Police’s innovative ‘Moye Moye’ video sparks social media frenzy on road safety

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New Delhi, Nov 25 (IANS) Delhi Police on Saturday shared an online social media ‘Moye Moye’ trend to address increasing road accidents across the city.

The video, shared on X, features a daring bike stunt with a cautionary caption: “Gaadi par control na khoyen, nahi toh ho sakta hai Moye Moye.”

The tweet has notched up an impressive 601k views, capturing the attention and support of social media users who commend Delhi Police’s inventive approach to conveying a crucial message on road safety.

The use of ‘Moye Moye’ in the video draws from the Serbian song Dzanum by Teya Dora, where the chorus has gained popularity as a sound effect to represent situations laden with sadness, emotion, or drama.

The term, translating to “nightmare” in Serbian, has become a widely recognised symbol across various social media platforms.

Delhi Police’s initiative comes in the wake of alarming statistics highlighted in the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ annual report on accidents for 2022.

The report reveals a staggering toll of 50,029 lives lost in accidents where the victims were not wearing helmets. Of this total, 71.3 per cent were drivers (35,692 persons), and 28.7 per cent were passengers (14,337 persons).



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