Delhi’s ‘demon’ linked to 80+ crimes, burglaries and arson, held

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New Delhi, Nov 27 (IANS) A man with ominous messages like “danger,” “darinda” (demon), and “Mahakaal”, tattooed on his body has been arrested by police in connection with over 80 cases of looting, burglary and arson.

A Delhi Police officer said on Monday that the accused, Sanjay Sharma (32) used to rob houses and then set them ablaze to eradicate all evidence.

A resident of Bulandshahr District in Uttar Pradesh Sanjay Sharma escaped from a juvenile observation home more than five times in the seven years that he spent there as a juvenile criminal.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, (southwest), Manoj C said that on the basis of an input, a trap was laid after barricading Church Road, Near T-Point, Africa Avenue Road, Sector-1, RK Puram.

“As the police was checking vehicles, a motorcycle rider, attempted to flee on seeing them. The police team displayed exceptional courage and successfully apprehended him after a scuffle,” said the DCP.

A flick knife, a T-type iron punch, an air pistol, and a packet of red chilli powder were recovered from his possession.

During investigation, it was discovered that Sanjay had been involved in more than 80 cases registered across various police stations in Delhi.

The DCP said that Sanjay committed his first crime in 2002 at the age of 10. Despite being apprehended multiple times as a juvenile, he managed to escape from observation homes over five times in seven years.

“Sanjay formed an infamous burgle-and-burn gang, comprising juvenile thieves. They would loot and burglarise houses, subsequently setting them on fire to eliminate evidence. He has been previously linked to over a dozen burglary cases, including 20 burgle-and-burn incidents,” said the DCP.

“Having spent most of his time in jail, Sanjay was released on November 6 and he subsequently resuming criminal activities,” the DCP added.



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