Dr Ravindar Kumar shares his vision and views about advance physiotherapy

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Ten news spoke to Dr Ravindar Kumar a renowned physiotherapist of Advance Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation centre on different aspects of physiotherapy

For an ordinary man’s understanding, what does Physiotherapy exactly mean?
As people think that physiotherapy is only like an exercise or massage which is done to give relief in cases of joint pain or similar issues but moreover physiotherapy is a way of treatment without using medicines. There are pre and post-operative physiotherapy as well as therapies for neurological disorders.

What is the idea behind establishing advance physiotherapy & rehabilitation centre?
The motive behind to establish this rehabilitation centre is to provide services to all the sections and people of different age group of the society
When we talk of advance physiotherapy how exactly it is different from normal physiotherapy?
In advance physiotherapy we provide class 4 laser therapy. We also keep upgrading our self with latest technology of international standards so that patient can get a speedy and proper rehabilitation.

Many time it has been seen that people spend a lot on their treatment or surgeries but are not very serious about physiotherapy what would you suggest to them?
I would like to suggest people that physiotherapy is also equally important as the treatment. Without proper Physio a patient won’t be able to completely recover and in an speedy manner.

Are there any complications that may occur if physiotherapy is not done in a proper manner and under proper guidance?
We should always do physiotherapy as per the guidance of an expert and well-qualified physio otherwise it may cause problems
What is your opinion about Physiotherapy not being very popular in rural India?
There are various factors like lack of physiotherapy centre in rural India other than this physiotherapy sessions are of 10 to 20 days so people often don’t have ample time also some time the distance and the communication barriers can also be another reason behind it.
What are your future goals in this regard?
We want to develop different sections physiotherapy centre like Geriatric Physio for old age persons and dedicated paediatric, ortho, neuro physiotherapy centres in Noida and Greater Noida.

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