Dua Lipa says her secret ambition is to be polyglot

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Los Angeles, Jan 29 (IANS) Singer-actress Dua Lipa said she has got the itch to expand her horizons after being on a treadmill of churning out tunes and going on promotional tours.

“You make the album, you promote it, you go on tour, you do the same thing, and that’s so amazing, but I think there’s going to come a point where maybe I want to take just a little bit longer (in between). I have all these other things that I can also do that really interest me,” she told Rolling Stone, reports aceshowbiz.com.

Rolling Stone said as part of their profile of the musician she “could see herself moving outside of the UK one day,” maybe to Barcelona, Madrid, Paris or Mexico City. It noted she has been learning Spanish and French and said by 35, she wants to be more fluent in both, as well as Italian.

Lipa, brought up in London after being born to Kosovo-Albanian parents, confirmed to the magazine: “I want to know all of them. I get so jealous when people are speaking in French, or Spanish, or Italian… I just want to respond. I think I can pick them up fairly easily because of Albanian, although it’s quite different.”



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