Durable smartphone screens: HONOR understands the need of the hour

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New Delhi, Jan 31 (IANS) Most people are closely attached to their phones. The slightest harm to their handset can be enough to send them into a tizzy. The sight of someone accidentally dropping their phone, rushing to pick it up, and furiously examining it for signs of damage is familiar to everyone. When a dropped phone is picked, the screen is inspected for damage first. Everyone knows that a phone’s screen is the most fragile part of the phone.

That’s where tempered glass comes in and protects the phone’s display against potential damage. However, it can be somewhat challenging for those who use a phone with a curved screen, because it is difficult to create a perfect fit for screens with curved glass.

HONOR understands customer pain points and is bringing its next product – the X9b to address the challenges faced. The company is teasing its upcoming product and believes it to be one of the strongest and most durable displays available in the industry today.

Developing this screen was no easy feat. Since the birth of smartphones, manufacturers have done everything they can to make their devices’ screens as rugged as possible without compromising on phone functionality and aesthetics. It took numerous iterations and tremendous hard work before the HONOR’s immensely talented R&D team was satisfied that it had developed a screen that was durable enough to offer resistance to accidental drops. And as a result, Indian consumers can now buy a phone that looks fantastic and is very durable.

“To understand the need for a stronger display, we need to first identify the challenges that a curved screen guard can bring,” said the company.

One of the biggest reasons not to use a curved tempered glass screen protector is that it’s hard to create a seamless and fully adherent protective layer on curved screens. Such difficulty arises from the nature of glass, and its properties, combined with the design of curved screens. These three difficulties create obstacles which must be overcome for a perfect fit and adhesion over a curved screen.

One obstacle arises from the fact that glass is inflexible. This rigidity means that glass cannot easily bend or conform to complex curves without compromising its structural integrity. This limitation makes it challenging to manufacture glass screen protectors that can perfectly adhere to the entire surface of a curved screen.

Another challenge is that traditional adhesives used in screen protectors are designed for flat surfaces. When applied to a curved surface, the adhesive may not spread evenly, leading to air gaps or bubbles. This uneven distribution of adhesive can compromise the protector’s ability to adhere uniformly across the entire curved screen.

Applying a rigid glass protector to a curved screen can affect touch sensitivity and introduce optical distortion. The protector may not maintain consistent contact with the screen, leading to decreased responsiveness in touch interactions. Additionally, visual distortions may occur due to the mismatch between the curvature of the protector and the screen.

Another challenge arises because precisely manufacturing curved glass protectors is demanding. Many manufacturers fall short in this respect. The protector must be carefully shaped to match the exact curvature of the screen. Doing so requires advanced manufacturing techniques and high levels of precision. Any deviation in shape can result in poor adhesion and an imperfect fit.

Finally, due to the screen’s curvature, glass protectors on curved screens often only adhere to the black borders of the protector rather than the entire glass surface. These poor fit compromises overall protection as the central part of the screen remains exposed, and the protector may not stay securely in place over time.

“Rather than buying curved tempered glass screen protectors, consumers should buy phones that have durable curved displays. A strong and enduring display will negate the need for glass screen protectors and offer the benefits of screen guards without their drawbacks,” the company noted.

The most durable displays have features that safeguard the screen in all but the most extreme drop-case scenarios. There are many ways to make a smartphone screen durable and HONOR has used Ultra-Bounce technology for a 360-degree anti-drop protection in the anticipated X9b.

The device comes with layered structures that partially reinforce the screen. The screen also has a buffer protection around it and a sealing protection to ensure less impact in case of a drop.

The durable display comes with cushioning material beneath the glass surface that creates micro-level gaps which in turn act like ‘Airbags’ to absorb the impact of an accidental drop, thereby protecting the screen.

This technology transcends temperatures, sunlight, exposure, and even prolonged use. It gives users a reliable and durable built-in solution that protects their technology and delivers the utmost protection to their devices.

The upcoming HONOR X9b is set to create a new wave in the market with its exceptionally durable display. Consumers who want a rugged, robust, and reliable phone they can use without worrying about minor falls need look no further than the X9b.

As consumers embrace phones with durable displays, the era of replacing a phone because of a minor fall and screen damage may well become a thing of the past.



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