Eklavya Sood on Holi celebrations in his boarding school: ‘Colourful battleground’

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Mumbai, March 24 (IANS) Actor Eklavya Sood reminisced about the Holi celebrations he had in the boarding school in Shimla, recalling about transforming the school grounds into a colourful battleground.

Eklavya is currently seen portraying the role of Harsh Nokewal in the legal drama ‘Raisinghani vs Raisinghani’.

Speaking about his childhood Holi memories, Eklavya said: “I studied in an all-boys boarding school in Shimla, and we always found ourselves short on water, so we put our heads together and ingeniously came up with a thrilling game. We would split ourselves into teams across different houses and classes, transforming the school grounds into a colourful battleground.”

“This experience was carefree, exhilarating, and hence undoubtedly one of my most memorable Holi celebrations,” he said.

Talking about how Holi has changed for him, the actor said: “With different experiences, my perspective on festivals has evolved. I have developed a deeper appreciation for the cultural significance of these celebrations, which eventually leads us to an internal realisation of their importance.”

About his plans this year, Eklavya, added: “I will be celebrating this Holi with my dearest group of friends who are like my little family. They are my home away from home. For me, Holi is not just a mere festival; it’s a vibrant tapestry of love, joy, and colours that I would love to incorporate into my being as well. I strongly believe that every occasion allows us to embrace joy, and I intend to do so this year too.”

‘Raisinghani vs Raisinghani’ weaves the lives of legal professionals, probing the intricacies of moral dilemmas and the challenge of choosing the right path over the easy one.

The show stars Jennifer Winget, Reem Shailk, Sanjay Nath, Joy Sengupta, and Eklavya Sood.

It airs on Sony LIV.



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