Elected Government must govern and be accountable for all the “ Ache Din” they promised India : Shantonu Sen @narendramodi

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Is Democracy in our country is up for grabs? One would think so witnessing the face off between writers, historians , social activists and those currently holding Cabinet posts and positions in the Sangh Parivar. Some times, it does appear the India of today is not an independent Sovereign Republic. Such eye ball to eye ball jousts, the challenge that is mounted against the authority elected to govern and the manner of confrontation seems to be against a colonial , foreign government. The falling out is so bitter? The language used is not between opponents but between enemies bitterly antagonistic. Its a language that one has seen and heard used , in secret, against our erstwhile colonial masters. If one party is described as rabid the compliment is returned by suggesting those hurling such epithets possess talents that qualify them to be members of the ISIS!
The country will bleed to a comatose stage at this rate. Opposition and governance are two pillars that hold the State in harness and only then it delivers. But an obdurate opposition and governance getting hot under the collar to the extent of not performing its elected role in any area is just not on. We the people of India are being denied the gains of governance thereby. We, the people, are bleeding.
There is no doubt, enough in the air, to completely justify some , if not all the actions of those who oppose some acts of the lunatic fringe elements that burnt two innocent babies of a Dalit family in a village in Faridabad. Or those who belabored Aqhlaq and his son in Bisada in Dadri. The eye for a eye and tooth for a tooth policy, albeit in words is getting us no where. Both parties are rushing in where angels fear to tread. I , strongly, feel at this rate, Gandhiji.s prediction India will be the land of the blind and toothless. Is this the land that we dreamt of?
We did not, most certainly. Please, every one, look back and grasp the essentials of the dangerous contours that are slowly but surely taking us to perdition if we all do not cease are our internal strife. Granted, that the lunatic fringe and with those opposing them have run amuck. The saner elements simply cannot say “ pshaw” or utter phrases like “ plague be on both of you” and sit back crestfallen. Now time is the essence . Seize it by the forelock and do some thing to contain the “tu tu me me” I do not have a ready made answer. But I do know that the elected Government must govern and be accountable for all the “ Ache Din” they promised India. For that parliamentary decorum must return. Tit for Tat must run out of steam. Lunatic fringe scumbags must be kept on leash by sending out stern messages to them and those who shoot from their shoulders. The elected party or parties in power cannot be allowed to get away from their responsibilities.

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