Election was spectacular, confident of coming to power again: PM Modi at First ever presser as PM

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed his first ever press conference from BJP office Today. In a joint press conference with PM Modi, party president Amit Shah asserted confidently that the BJP will secure more than 300 seats in the Lok Sabha elections 2019.

Addressing the Media, BJP President Amit Shah said, “We started our election campaign from January 16.Our target was to win 120 Lok Sabha seats which we couldn’t win the last time. We are confident that we’ll receive good results.
Today is the end of a long and successful campaign for the BJP. From BJP’s point of view, this election campaign has been the one in which we have put in a lot of hard work, and also most extensive since independence.”

Further attacking Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, he said, “80 BJP workers have been killed in one and a half years. What does Mamata Banerjee has to say about this? If we were responsible for this, why violence didn’t take place anywhere else?.”

“Pragya Thakur’s candidature is a ‘satyagrah’ against a fake case of fake Bhagwa terror. I want to ask Congress, some people were earlier arrested in ‘Samjhauta Express’ who were related to LeT.A fake case of “bhagwa terror” was made in which accused have been acquitted,” added Shah.

While PM Modi addressing his first ever press conference, said,

“In last 2 elections, even IPL couldn’t be held. When government is strong, IPL, Ramzaan, school exams and others take place Peacefully. It will happen after a long time in the country, our Government will come to power with absolute majority for second consecutive time.”

He further said, “Election results came on May 16, 2014. A huge casualty took place on May 17, 2014. Today is May 17. People in ‘Satta bazaar’ who used to bet for Congress to win in elections faced huge losses on May 17.”

“The country was always with me, for me the election campaign is to thank the people for supporting me for 5 years,” added Modi.

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