Experience the ‘WOW Effect’: WOW Skin Science Introduces new brand platform of Activated Naturals

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New Delhi, 7th September: WOW Skin Science India’s leading beauty and wellness brand has just launched their new brand platform – ‘Activated Naturals’ driven by increasing consumer preference for brands which deliver higher order natural goodness. By appropriating the platform of ‘activated naturals, WOW Skin Science provides the power of naturals activated with efficacy of new age actives.

The best-selling skincare range from Wow Skin Science, Vitamin C – has now been infused with Niacinamide – an active ingredient – to give the consumer unparalleled Bright Glow, beyond just the ‘natural ingredient’ goodness which regular brands promise. WOW Skin Science with ‘Activated Naturals’ is creating a unique synergistic efficacy loop between natural & active ingredients, resulting in the WOW effect for the consumer who uses WOW products.

To communicate the new brand platform, WOW Skin Science has launched a new Vitamin C campaign which introduces a unique creative concept – ‘Get Used to WOW’ even when you don’t want to. In a world that typically focuses on looking good at the occasions where one is expected to radiate beauty, the new brand campaign talks about those moments when you least expect to shine. The campaign defies traditional beauty conversations with a fresh and humorous approach to highlight how Activated Naturals products bring unexpected brightness even in the most unconventional situations.

Through 3 unique TVCs, WOW Skin Science tells women that when they use WOW Activated Natural Products – they will always be radiant with bright glow even in the most unlikely of circumstances – at a hospital, at a pet funeral, or applying for sick leave – all places they wished they did not look their best. The Activated Naturals duo – Vitamin C and Niacinamide – have been personified and thrust into hilarious situations, questioning the audience on the lines of ‘Kuch nahi hai toh bhi problem hai, sab kuch hai toh bhi issue hai?’

Vanda Ferrao, Chief Marketing Office at Wow Skin Science, spoke about this unique campaign, “Through the ‘Activated Naturals’ platform, WOW Skin Science aims to inspire a redefinition of beauty norms. By showcasing radiance in unexpected scenarios and through the lens of humour, the campaign highlights the brand’s commitment to innovative and efficacious skincare solutions. It’s time to move beyond mere natural ingredients – the era of Activated Naturals is here!”

As a company at the forefront of reimagining skincare, WOW Skin Science’s Activated Naturals platform challenges existing norms by combining humour and beauty to demonstrate the WOW effect.

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