Face to Face with Abhishek Srivastava on managing Mental Health

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By Kala Natrajan
(Life Coach and Author of Motivational books)

New Delhi (05/03/2024): Recently, I interviewed Mri Abishek Srivastava, a Business , Relationships and Mental Health Coach, which was broadcast live from Ten News India YouTube Channel . Mr Srivastava provided invaluable insights into having a Robust Mental Health.Here are the excerpts from our lively and useful discussion:-

Q: How important is mental health in a person’s life?

Srivastava : Mental Health is paramount because it directly impacts every aspect of your life. Right from your Relationships and productivity to overall well-being, it is the foundation we build our lives on and neglecting it can have profound consequences. I advocate mental health and awareness and promote strategies for psychological well-being and for their resilience. It is so important you cannot put in sideline. Supposing you have a garden and you want to grow it , you have to take out weeds out of your garden in order to have a beautiful garden.So also psychological sanity is important in everyday life.

Q: Are mind and body connected to each other?

Srivastava : Yes mind and body are well connected. If you are feeling depressed, anxious or fearful you will not be able to handle much of your mind.In that case you can use your body to control your mind by doing yoga, exercises, pranayama and going out in nature etc. In the same manner you can use your mind to relax your body pain. It works both ways. They are interconnected with each other and make life beautiful.

Q:What’s your mission in life?

Srivastava : My mission as a coach is to empower individuals to live authentically and pursue their passion and unlock their full true potential. I strive to create a ripple effect of positive change by equipping my clients with tools and mindset to overcome obstacles. Anyone who walks into my session goes out feeling better than before.

Q:What’s your message to our audience?

Srivastava : My message is that one should prioritise mental health and well-being. Like the way you go to a doctor when your are not well, it’s ok to seek help from a mental health professional when needed. Investing in self care is not selfishness.

We all have the strength in us to overcome any challenge which life throws on us .

Don’t evaluate yourself on the basis of your achievements. Evaluate yourself independent of your achievements. Many of us are aspiring to become something but that may happen after sometime.

The kind of person you become while making efforts to achieve the of goal is important. The solution to any problem lies within you. A life coach only helps you to light up that part in you where the solution to a problem lies.

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