FIA felicitates ruling MLAs and MP from Faridabad .

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Minister of state in Government of India and Member of Parliament from Faridabad Sh Krishan Pal Gujjar has said that in order to have industrial growth the basic needs are the infrastructure to support the industry as well as a fearless environment to function. He underlined that the policies framed at the center under the able guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Manohar Lal Khattar being the Chief Minister at the state level are in the right direction to help the industry prosper.

The minister was speaking on the occasion of an interactive meeting held by Faridabad Industries Association (FIA).  In his address he said that the ruling BJP governement is honest  in its intentions and is committed to following the policies in the larger interest of the country.  This, he said, would lead to success in making a country free from corruption and fear. One major step taken by the BJP government which he refered in his speech is to come up with changes in land acquisition rules. Reacting to the concern raised by Mr. Navdeep Chawla, President FIA on the ever rising cost of electricity, the minister said that unless we join hands in curbing the theft of  electricity it is  not possible to reduce the rates of electricity. However, he assured the members of industry that he would  look into the details of the same and try to get whatever reduction is possible. On the increase in rates of electricity taken by big industries through open access also, he said that if there is any injustice is done to the industries,he will do his best in the interest of the industry, without subjudicing the governement policy.

Sh. Krishan Pal Gujjar also spoke in detail about increasing the connectivity of the industrial town with Gurgaon, Noida and Kalindi Kunj. He said that the flyover connecting Faridabad and Greater Noida at Mnjhawali would be started in a couple of months time. He also informed that  a tool room training center is being developed in Faridabad itself. It was earlier planned for some other city but with the efforts of Mr. Gujjar it has now been planned for Faridabad. This would help the industries from Faridabad and Gurgaon to have trained people for their industries.  400 people would be trained in this tool room training center and would be getting the appropriate job in the industry. This is a part of ‘skill development’ initiative taken by the Prime minister Modi.

Krishan Pal Gujjar called upon the industries to participate in ‘Swacch Bharat’ initiative taken by the Prime Minister. In this reference  Mr. K.C.Lakhani discussed the problem of disposal of solid waste.

Dr. S.K. Goel, Former president of  FIA pointed out that there are companies interested in setting up units in Faridabad which may be a mother unit for the city but are not coming forward because the state government has not announced any attractive schemes for them to set up unit in Faridabad.  In this reference Sh, Gujjar proposed to arrange a meeting of the delegation of FIA with the Chief Minister to discuss the issues and propose the scheme, they think,   would work in the direction of over all development.  He assured that whatever can be done to start some mother unit in the city, would be done.  The minister also talked about the irregularities in getting CLU and other licensiing procedures. He assured that the process will be reviewed and whatever changes needed will be taken.

In the meeting the MLA from Badhkal, Smt. Seema Trikha talked about the prevailing problems faced by the industries in Faridabad.  She said that absence of co-ordination between different departments has been the major cause of hardships faced by the industries in the congress regime.

Moolchand Sharma, MLA Ballabgarh said that since he is connected to the roots of the rural and urban parts of Faridabad, he very well understand the problems the residents and industries are facing.

Vipul Goel, MLA from Faridabad also discussed about the day to day difficulties being faced by the Industries. He said that the first step is to ensure the process of clearnces is made easy for the industry. He said that they are working on the same and also invite industry to share their inputs in the matter.

Seema Trikha said that a committee has been formed at the CM office for finding out obselete and irrelevant laws in force. Wherever needed the changes will be done in the existing policies. She said that herself and Moolchand Sharma are also the part of the committee. Presently they are working on Factories Act and would welcome the inputs of the industry on the matter.

Earlier, in his welcome address, Navdeep Chawla, President FIA said that in order to make the ‘make in India’ campaign of the prime minister, the government should use the 250 acre unutilised land of MCF for setting up of a manufacturing unit which would be making items needed for defence. This would not only help in self dependency of the country on the manufacturing of the defence products, but would also provide ample opportunities of employement to the residents of Faridabad. Chawla also insisted that more than 3500 crore is collected from sales tax alone from the city, adding to the figure of excise and income tax. Major portion of this amount should be allocated for development of Faridabad only.

Dr. S.K. Goel, immediate past President FIA, while welcoming the guests said that in order to provide the city with good infrastructure and revive its lost glory both the sides of NH-2 can be developed as IT park so that the importance of city is enhanced multifold. He also talked about connectivity of Gurgaon and Faridabad by metro.  He also proposed to make low cost houses for the people in slums. He said the some untilised land can be auctioned and the proceeds can be used to finance this project. This would help city look beautiful. Dr. Goel also underlined the need to have a single nodal body to plan and implement the basic issues of the city. Instead of having three bodies HSIDC, HUDA and MCF having different sectors under them,  Goel proposed, a single body say, Faridabad Development Authority, to be formed. This would streamline the development work, said Goel.

K.C.Lakhani, the ‘Bheesmpitamah of Faridabad industry’ said that the basic amenities like street lights, better roads and clean environment should be the priorities of the government. He offered the cooperation of the industry wherever needed.

Sanjeev Khemka, Vice President of the association extended thanks to all the guests and membes. He said that as long as the political masters and the industrialists not work hand in hand, the direction of progress would not be a concentrated one. Because the politiical people are the force used in formulation and implementation of the policies  while the Industrialists are the people who can advise the need of the hour for formalation of the policies.

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