FIITJEE’s IIT Genius Test Set to Ignite Minds and Unleash Inner Genius

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New Delhi, January 2024:  Since the very beginning, FIITJEE has imbibed the essence of a True Guru within its system. Consequently, FIITJEE has not only revolutionized IIT-JEE training industry but has also set very high standards of transparency & ethics.


FIITJEE always takes unique initiatives to benefit students & their parents and is the only institute who continues to set new standards of excellence for students through innovative opportunities like IIT Genius Test, a potentially life-changing program.


FIITJEE once again comes up with its prestigious and most awaited test, IIT Genius Test, which will be conducted on 28th January, & 4th February 2024 across the country for students presently in Class VIII, IX, X, XI & XII (Aspiring for JEE Main & Advanced 2028,2027, 2026, 2025, & 2024 respectively). Students can choose the test date which suits them the best.


Through IIT Genius TestFIITJEE scientifically hunts, recognizes, and rewards the student Geniuses of India where 10 Students from each class VIII, IX, X, XI & XII will be bestowed with the honour of ‘IIT Genius’ title and will also get their Education at the IITs sponsored by FIITJEE.


The scholarship will cover all institutional expenses, including hostel fee, tuition fee, books fee & reasonable personal expenses*. One doesn’t have to be a FIITJEE Student to avail this Scholarship & Award or even join a course at FIITJEE after the Award.


The selection of Students will be based on IIT Genius Test followed by an interview where Top 30 Students from each class VIII, IX, X, XI & XII will be interviewed at Delhi/Hyderabad.


Stage I Result will be declared on 9th February 2024 (for Class XI & XII) and on 10th February 2024 (for Class VIII, IX & X). Stage 1 will be followed by an interview on 18th & 19th March 2024 in Hyderabad and 21st & 22th March 2024 in Delhi.


“FIITJEE has long provided opportunities that uncover hidden talents across the country and guide them toward academic excellence. One acclaimed social initiative is FORTUNATE 4O, which supports underprivileged yet talented students. Similarly, the IIT Genius Test recognizes India’s brightest minds and sponsors their dreams of attending IIT. For true geniuses to make their mark, discovering their potential is crucial. The IIT Genius Test scientifically identifies genius through research-based methods,” says Mr. Vinod Kumar Agrawal, Managing Partner & Head, FIITJEE Dwarka Centre.


Nandan Manjunath Immadisetty and Pawan Goyal are one of FIITJEE IIT Genius Scholar who have awarded with the IIT Genius Title and getting their education free at IIT Mumbai sponsored by FIITJEE.


FIITJEE IIT Genius Scholar, Nandan Manjunath Immadisetty, was awarded the Title of IIT Genius. He had appeared in IIT Genius Test held on 21st February 2021 and is now Studying at IIT Bombay sponsored by FIITJEE. He has secured AIR 12 in JEE Advanced 2022.


Another FIITJEE IIT Genius Scholar, Pawan Goyal, was also awarded the Title of IIT Genius. He appeared in IIT Genius Test held on 4th February 2018 and currently Studying at IIT Bombay sponsored by FIITJEE. He has secured AIR 4 in JEE Advanced 2018.

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