Four arrested from Jaypee Greens flat for IPL betting

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Yesterday a joint team of STF’s Lucknow and Noida raided over the Jaypee Greens Society Under Kasan police station area. Where they arrested four people running the online betting in the IPL league. The team recovered cash of Rs 21 lakh, 40 mobile phones, three laptops, wi-fi modem, mobile signal booster antenna, an LED TV and printers from them. The team is gathering information about people who make money in betting.

The team got a tip of from a informer that a online betting racket in going in the society over which team got activated. As team got sure about the information they raided a flat in the society. Where the betting work was going on. The accused started running as they saw the police team but police nabeed oll of them from the spot. All of them later identified as Shyam Bora, Shailesh, Ankit resident of Agra and Jatin from sonipath . The team has come to know that there are small centers of betting in Delhi-NCR. Which are connected to each other where the billions of rupees are speculative every day. Team had started probe in the matter.

In the investigation, the team has come to know that operators have been engaged in betting operations since long time. To avoid the raid of the police, the operators use to stay in resorts, high- fi Society or in hotel so that police don’t suspect.

It has been found that the betting center has been built in more than a dozen places in Delhi-NCR. When the team caught the speculators, it seemed speculative in the ongoing match between Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals. The team has come to know that at one center a speculation up to five lakh rupees is worth. Everyone is given different responsibilities in betting operations. Shyam Bora is the master mind of the gang. The rate of betting is decided by Ankit. While Jatin works to collect money. The rate of betting was increased if the match was between the major teams. The person who wins or loses the speculation was accounted on the next day. The mobile phones that the team has recovered from the operators are being investigated as it may have more details and numbers of other members of gang.

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