Free flow of Ideas and thoughts as diverse domain experts gather at second edition of TEDxShivNadarUniversity !

Ashish Kedia

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(13/11/2017) Greater Noida

On a hazy Sunday morning, hundreds of Shiv Nadar University students became witness to amazing clarity of thoughts, as domain experts from diversified fields shared their views and experiences.

Taking center stage at TEDxShivNadarUniversity was a filmmaker, sexual educator, calligraphy expert, rally driver, space-science entrepreneur, activist etc. Audience was enthralled to listen to the speakers while they spoke about their life experiences, anecdotes etc.


From Amtiabh Mall to Garima Avtaar the amazing line-up of speakers from wide variety of domain expertise made this event highly inspirational.

Team Indus Rover takes a Pit Stop at Shiv Nadar

The highlight of the day was India’s first privately developed Lunar Rover, which is expected to traverse the moon in coming March.


Karan Vaish from Team Indus shared their journey of aiming for the moon and inspired everyone to take their calling as Moonshot and work hard for it.

Home is Where the Heart Is

The organizing team had also set-up various creative activities just outside the speakers hall to keep participants engaged. One of the story boards asked people to tag the place on the world map where they would like to be if its their last day in the World.

While some selected the exotic locations of the world, it was India or probably many individuals hometown’s that had been the choice of the masses to spend their final day on earth.

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