Galgotias University organized five-day (FDP) workshop

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The School of Liberal Education, Galgotias University, in collaboration with the Heartfulness Education Trust organized (FDP) Faculty Development Workshop for personal & academic excellence and sustainability programme based on Heartfulness Meditation approach.

In a new initiative, Galgotias University’s School of Liberal Education, in partnership with the Heartfulness Education Trust, launched its faculty development programme on personal and academic excellence and situationality. The program focuses on creduling the principles of eco-system into academic courses, empowering academics for a more situational future. Empowering academics for a sustainable future: The programme aims to impart knowledge and innovative approaches to academics that can unhindered the principles of ecumenism into academic curriculum.

Galgotias University’s School of Liberal Education and Joint Chair of the Centre for Peace Education and Research, Prof. Dr. Anuradha Parasar, Associate Rupesh Sharma, Senior Vice President, United Biotech Pvt. Ltd.; NCR HC Coordinator, Heartfulness Education Trust has conceptualized this ecological and innovative faculty development program.

The special feature of the entire FDP program was that the speakers put their point on the basis of completely scientific methods. The essence of the entire FDP programme is no longer artificial intelligence rather a hearty wisdom. The message of the program is very clear that we also need to change ourselves and also the society around us.

Speaking on the aspects of mental, physical, and spiritual health, Rupesh Sharma said that awareness is the key to all our activities. Speaking on a wide range of topics, Rupes Krishnan spoke of the power of self-transformation. Jas Kamal Jeet Bhule clearly focused on the strong connectivity between education and meditation. Ananya Rao summarized that sustainability is in peril. Chander Shekhar Patil spoke about the Sustainable Education Framework. For them, “meditation” is the most important asset. That is very much needed.

Empowering Teachers for a Sustainable Future: In response to the ever-changing global landscape, the Faculty Development Program aims to empower teachers with the knowledge, abilities, and innovative approaches that are necessary to seamlessly integrate sustainability principles into the academic curriculum. The central focus of the program is on fostering a deeper understanding of sustainability, which is a critical element for faculty and students navigating global challenges and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Sunil Galgotias, Chancellor of the University extended his best wishes to everyone for the success of the program and said that meditation and yoga bring about many important and positive changes in our lives. A positive thinking comes to us.

University CEO Dr. Dhruv Galgotia while congratulating said that we are always ready for the all-round development of our students and teachers along with education as they always contribute to guidance and positive environment.

Honorable Director Operations: Aradhana Galgotia said that to achieve success in life, we have to always keep our thinking positive. Only then will we be able to achieve our biggest objectives.

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