(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua to temporarily pause all activities due to health issues

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Seoul, Feb 9 (IANS) South Korean girl group (G)I-DLE member Shuhua will be taking a short break from all of her scheduled activities due to health concerns.

Entertainment company Cube Entertainment shared the news via a statement regarding her temporary break.

The statement, shared by Soompi, read: “We’d like to make an announcement regarding (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua’s health and future schedule.”

It revealed that Shuhua “recently visited the hospital due to persistent dizziness stemming from a decline in her (physical) condition and received medical advice that she needs sufficient rest and stability.”

“While Shuhua expressed a strong determination to continue with her activities, we have decided to temporarily suspend all her schedules to allow her to fully focus on rest and recovery.”

“We kindly ask for your generous understanding as the decision was made to prioritize the artist’s health. We will keep you informed of any updates regarding her schedule. We apologise to fans for causing concern by this sudden news and we will do our utmost to help our artist recover her health so that she can [return and] greet fans again in good health,” the statement concluded.

Earlier this month, the entertainment company announced that Shuhua was unable to participate in the live broadcast of MBC’s ‘Music Core’ on the same day and a scheduled video call event the day before due to a “physical illness.”

(G)I-DLE just made their comeback with their new album ‘2’ on January 29.


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