Global Leaders Unite for Empowerment and Progress at ‘EK NARI 100 PE BHARI’ & ‘LEADERS OF BHARAT’

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New Delhi (03/03/2024): Celebrating empowerment and leadership, Global Empire Events & BizNation TV proudly presented “EK NARI 100 PE BHARI” & “LEADERS OF BHARAT,” CHAPTER 9, held on February 29, 2024, in the vibrant locale of Paschim Vihar, Delhi.

The event kicked off with a heartwarming ceremonial lamp lighting and Saraswati Vandana, setting a serene tone that permeated the gathering. Shreeman Prashant Mukund Prabhu, an esteemed International Spiritual Coach and Senior Councilor at ISKCON Dwarka Temple, led the assembly in prayers and spiritual reflections, invoking a sense of harmony and purpose.

In a touching address, K.L. Ganju, o.c.v.c., Advisor to the Foreign Minister, Union of Comoros, extended his wholehearted support and admiration for the event’s tireless efforts over the past two years. His words resonated deeply as he urged attendees to transcend mere accolades and embrace new challenges with determination and grace.

Yogesh Gauchan Thakali, Member of Parliament, Mustang, Nepal, added his voice to the chorus of encouragement, offering warm wishes to all present and commending the impactful initiatives undertaken for societal betterment. Drawing from personal experiences, he shared poignant anecdotes of his mother’s unwavering dedication to social causes, underscoring the profound impact of grassroots efforts in driving positive change.

Dr. Neeraj A. Sharma, Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Palau to India, delivered a thought-provoking address on the imperative of gender inclusivity. With passion and conviction, he emphasized the need to break down barriers that hinder women’s progress, citing his involvement with the International Inclusion Alliance as a testament to his commitment to this cause.

Adv. Udaiveer Singh Bindra, the visionary Managing Director of Global Empire Events & BizNation TV, took the stage to celebrate the remarkable journey of women in leadership. With unwavering enthusiasm, he underscored the pivotal role of empowerment in paving the way for progress and innovation, highlighting the invaluable contributions of women across various sectors.

This gathering was not just a celebration of achievements but a call to action—a collective commitment to fostering inclusivity, empowerment, and positive change. Here’s to the spirit of unity, resilience, and boundless potential that defines our shared journey toward a brighter future.

Dr. Deepak Singh, Cultural Ambassador to Seychelles, representing the Government of Seychelles, lent his esteemed presence to the event, alongside distinguished guests including Dr. Nabhit Kapur, Head of SDGs at the United Nations Association, and President of World Leaders for Mental Health. Their collective wisdom and unwavering dedication added immeasurable value to the proceedings, underscoring the global significance of the cause at hand.

EK NARI 100 PE BHARI & LEADERS OF BHARAT 2024 AWARDS | Global Empire Events & BizNation TV | Photo Highlights


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