Government Primary School Students of Noida to get pure drinking water through RO installations

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Saurabh Kumar


About 22 thousand students studying in council schools will now be getting fresh and pure RO water from this academic session. For this, the basic education department has contacted 59 private institutions of the district. The good thing is that 19 companies have given funds for installation of RO machines in schools. At the moment, students studying in schools were drinking water from hand pumps.

78 thousand new students will got enrolled in schools from new session in the district. Out of this, about 128 schools will be such where the department has targeted to provide RO water to students from the beginning of the session. At present, private companies have given funds for the installation of RO machines in 54 schools. For four months from July onwards, a team of section education officers will install the machines in schools. This team is constantly contacting representatives of companies and sharing other information including the number of students and availability of machines in the schools.

The important thing is that these companies are those who had signed the MoU for social work in schools operated by the Department of Basic Education. Installation of the machines will be started with schools where students have the highest drinking water problem. On the whole issue, District Basic Education Officer Bal Mukund Prasad said that three teams have been formed for the installation of RO machines in the schools on behalf of the department. The Department is trying to get RO machines in schools as early as possible till October.

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