Grads International School principal outlines key aspects of different model of education, emphasises on benefits of stress free education

Saurabh Kumar / Photo & Video By Baidyanath Halder

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Greater Noida (21/11/18) : Ten News on Tuesday spoke to the Principal of Grads International School to know her views about different aspects of education system and what makes Grads school different and special.

Talking about uniqueness of her school, she said, ” We are giving quality education at a very nominal fee structure of only 2 thousand to 3 thousand per month. Our syllabus has been developed on Bloom’s Taxonomy and developmental parameters. We have tried to be very creative in our approach and this year we were awarded as the most innovative school in Uttar Pradesh by Education Today. We also have a unique spiritual Junior Youth Empowerment Program that is nowhere there at any schools of this region. This is a very service oriented and value based program.”

Further speaking about the transformation in education system, she said, “There has been a paradigm shift, I have started my journey around 30 years back from Kendriya Vidyalaya since then a lot has changed.
When I started in academics there was no internet, no mobile phones, no smart classes, but now everything is technology based. So in this educational revolution, the role of teacher has also changed a lot, now a teacher is more of a mentor instead of being a Guru”.

“Before 2005 the education system was very different. We used to focus on writing skills and rote learning but after implementation of CCE pattern and implementation of Skill India Project, we focus on concept based practical learning and skill development of students,” she added.

She also outlined the significance of co-curricular activities, she said, “When I had started in the field of teaching, it was known as extra curricular activity and now it is called co- curricular activity. I think Co curricular activity is no different and it’s an integral part of curriculum. Student should be allowed to do whatever they are good at along with the basic education.”

On being asked by ten news about What message would she give to parents who face difficulties in selecting a school for their kids and what should be the parameters that they should keep in mind ?

She said, “I feel sad to say but our NCR region is not very safe, so the most important aspect that parents need to look upon is the safety and security of their children. In this region many schools are having 3 to 4 thousand students and about 300 teachers, so the question is how it will be possible for the Principal to keep a track of children? In many cases Principals even don’t know the names of all their staffs they have hired.”

Emphasizing on the importance of choosing a happy place for their ward, she further added, “School should be a happy place for the children where they love to come and it should be free of all the stresses. School is all about learning whether it is musical learning, kinesthetic learning, sensorial learning, gross motor learning or any thing else. Parents, while admitting the child must also see for whether there are provisions in school to allow them to meet Principal or not. So that parents can know what their child is learning there. Also it is the accountability of the school to be at its best for the all round development of the kid, as both parents and school are stake holders and partners in the child learning and development.”

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