Greater Noida Authority creates new water department to deal with water scarcity

Saurabh Kumar

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Greater Noida (4/4/2019) : As the temperature is raising day by day people have started to feel the heat. while the Water Scarcity problems have also started occurring in the city. Taking concern of the same and for dealing with water scarcity Greater Noida Industrial Developmental Authority has raised a new water department. Department will have a senior manager two managers along with eight supporting staff members.

This department will look after all the water-related problems onwards. Earlier it is used to be taken care of by urban services. A couple of days ago a news daily has published a story alarming the water scarcity in the city, after that CEO Narendra Bhooshan concerned the matter. He called off a meeting concerned departments in which he gets to know that there is no specific department for water.

Officials told him that “for now it use to be taken care off under urban services while works line repairing water pipelines, placing new water pipelines, construction of water tanks is look after by project department. So whenever any issue comes it gets stuck between both the departments due to legal issues.”

After discussion and on the suggestion of other officials CEO ordered to raise two different departments one is the water department and another is sewer department. Water department will be headed by Kapil Dev while the sever department will be headed by Shripal Bhati who will be assisted by manager Jitendra Yadav

As the water department will have more workload so two manager Karan Singh and Praveen saloniya will assist Kapil Dev.

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