Gullu’s cart of wholesome food comes with an inspiring life story

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New Delhi, March 9 (IANS) This is not just another food review. It is the story of a man who inspires me, showing to me that though life is rarely a bed of roses, when one comes face to face with adversity, one must adapt and persevere.

Affectionately called ‘Gullu’ by his mother, a name that has stuck with him, Sagar Sindhwani was very successful in the business of providing ducting for air-conditioning systems in malls and other such major public places. His business flourished, allowing him to live comfortably, providing the best education for his children, and even venturing into the restaurant industry with a successful small eatery.

Life, however, took an unexpected turn. His funds got stuck in the ducting business and the restaurant, which he had expanded with a new partner, began to struggle. His business partner left him and he was mired in financial difficulties. Eventually, he shut down his business, closed his restaurant and even sold his house to repay his debts.

With ailing parents to look after, a son in a management college and a daughter in school, Sagar confronted his biggest challenge in life. His wife took up a training job to keep the family afloat, but, despite the many setbacks, Sagar’s passion for food remained as strong as ever. And it enabled him to bail out of his troubles.

He re-started with a small cart in Gurugram’s Sector 56 market. The transition from a fancy office to a humble cart for a qualified graduate must have been daunting, but Sagar chose to grin and bear it. His business acumen and passion helped him scale up to a level that his wife had to join him after office hours to support his venture. And today, he runs two food businesses — a cart in Sector 56 and a restaurant in Sector 70, both named Gullu’s.

Gullu’s has become a sensation in Gurugram. I have frequented the place so often that I know the menu by heart and can recommend their best dishes.

Begin with the Kurkure Momos, packed with chicken or veggies; they are without doubt the city’s best — crispy on the outside and well-infused masala. Follow it up with Banjara Chicken, which is a serving of boneless chicken tikka dressed up with garlic, cheese and green chilli, on a rumali roti. Don’t miss out on the secret ingredient — the green chutney, a favourite of Gullu’s regulars.

The size of the Golden Fried Prawns served from this small cart will surprise you. Crunchy, crispy, and delicately prepared, I am yet to come across any other cart vendor with prawns on the menu. Among their mains, you must definitely not miss Gullu’s velvety Dal Makhani, the well-balanced Butter Chicken and the Tawa Tikka Masala.

It is easy to feel defeated and blame your luck, but the story of Sagar, or Gullu, inspires me to keep looking for the proverbial door out of adversity. Truly, fortune favours the brave.


Address: Gullu’s, Cart No. 176, HUDA Market, Sector 56, Gurugram Dial: +9187007 52372 Website:

(The writer is the founder-admin of Indian Food Freak, a popular social media food group, and curator of The Big F Awards)



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