Had already Predicted economic Crisis in Pakistan, get ready for tough time: Ali Zafar

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New Delhi (India), 26th February 2023: Pakistan is going through a grim economic crisis. The country is struggling and knee deep in debt. Amidst such hardship the Pakistani actor and singer has took to Twitter to share some of his thoughts on the current atmosphere.

Zafar replied to a fan who had asked for the actor’s views on the #askaz session on the ongoing crisis in the country. To this Zafar replied that he had predicted this a long time ago. He went ahead and warned the people of the country. He said, “Get ready for a very difficult time to come.”

He also expressed that he is sad and the economic situation in the country is concerning.

Recently Zafar has also commented on Javed Akhtar who had made some negative remarks in an event in Lahore. Ali Zafar said that his remarks were “uncalled for” and like any Pakistani citizen Akhatar’s comments upsets him.

The Indian lyricist had commented on 26/11 attacks in Lahore.To this Ali says that terrorism in his country affects its citizens who have suffered and continue to suffer because of this problem. Hence Javed Akhtar’s comments were extremely insensitive for Pakistani people.

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