Having difficulty with your dental braces? Now AI to come to your rescue

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New Delhi, March 14 (IANS) Are you running to an orthodontist regularly to adjust or retighten your dental braces? A team of researchers has developed a novel artificial intelligence (AI) tool that can help you find the right fit to help straighten your teeth.

The team from the University of Copenhagen and 3Shape used scanned imagery of teeth and bone structures from human jaws to develop the tool.

The AI used the information gathered to predict the design of the braces with accurate 3D simulations that best fit an individual’s jaw, they noted in the paper, published in the journal IEEE Access.

“Our simulation is able to let an orthodontist know where braces should and shouldn’t exert pressure to straighten teeth,” said Prof. Kenny Erleben, from the varsity’s Department of Computer Science.

“Currently, these interventions are based entirely upon the discretion of orthodontists and involve a great deal of trial and error. This can lead to many adjustments and visits to the orthodontist’s office, which our simulation can help reduce in the long run,” Erleben said.

The type of precise digital imitation with 3D simulations is referred to as a digital twin. Using this, the team built up a database of ‘digital dental patients’, which can one day “be used for hip implants, among other things. In the long run, this could make life easier for patients and save resources for society,” Erleben said.

“More data will allow us to simulate treatments and adapt medical devices so as to target patients across entire populations more precisely,” Erleben noted.



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