​Health stalwarts pledge to take Wellness beyond all frontiers in times to come

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By Bipin Sharma

A healthcare event titled “Wellness beyond Frontiers” was organized by Society for Holistic Advancement of Medicine (“SOHAM”) & Acupuncture Science Association (ASA), India at the Indian Medical Association Hall on 10th April, 2107. The event comprised a session on “Pearls of Wisdom” by industry stalwarts and top medical experts followed by a medical seminar on “Regenerative Medicine” comprising Laser Acupuncture and Stem Cell-PRP Therapy as complementary and all integrative Holistic Medicare. The key coordinator of the event was Dr. R. K. Tuli, the Global Pioneer of Holistic Medicine and Founder of Society for Holistic Advancement of Medicine “SOHAM”. Dr. Tuli’s  list of successful beneficiaries from a vast range of conventionally incurable diseases includes the who’s-who of the country comprising a former President of India, Prime & Chief Ministers, Governors, Cabinet ministers, top bureaucrats and Armed Forces personnel, various celebrities of India and overseas, etc. Other event coordinators included Dr Debasis Bakshi, General Secretary, Acupuncture Science Association, ASA; Dr Inderjeet Singh President ASA, Punjab and Dr Rajesh Bhayana President ASA, Delhi.

The Chief Guest of the event was the Global Beauty and Wellness Ambassador Padmashri Shahnaz Husain, known the world over for promoting Ayurveda in the Beauty and the Wellness segment. The audience gave her a standing ovation for bringing laurels to the nation by becoming a ‘subject of study’ in the Harvard Business School curriculum.

The Guest of Honours of the event were Padmashri & Dr B.C. Roy Awardee Dr K.K. Aggarwal (a distinguished physician-cardiologist and an active proponent of Body-Mind medicine), besides Major Vishal Bakshi (VSM), MD of VR Industries, who is dedicated to the health of the nation through healthy organic nutrition. The Speaker at the Seminar was Dr Shahzad Anwar, President, Pakistan Acupuncture Council, and a famous Medical Doctor dedicated to Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine.

After the traditional lamp lighting ceremony, the mementoes and the “SOHAM” mascots were presented to the distinguished dignitaries Shahnaz Husain, Dr KK Aggarwal, Dr Anwar and Major Vishal Bakshi.

Dr K. K. Aggarwal emphasized on the fact that all forms of treatments are eventually aimed at serving the humanity and curing the sick and the infirm. Addressing the gathering, Shahnaz Husain said, “I compliment Dr R. K. Tuli and his fellow colleagues for organizing this brilliant event aimed largely at making the world a better and a healthy place to live in. ‘Ayurveda’ holds the vital key to attaining a state of complete well-being of body, mind and soul. It offers some of the most incredible solutions to protective, preventive and even corrective cosmetic-care. Despite Ayurveda’s prominent place in modern cosmetic care, it really aches to see beauty empires pumping billions of dollars into a hysterically mad cosmetic industry, selling youth and dreams in bottled jars. It is my conviction that the economy of the country can get a big boost by promoting India as a Health, Beauty and Wellness Destination.”

In his brief speech, Major Vishal Bakshi said, “VR Industries enjoys a three decade harmonious relationship of serving the Armed Forces offerings its healthy eating products through nationwide network of CSD Canteens. With its two flagship brands namely ‘8AM’ and ‘Golden Gate’, the company has managed to carve a distinctive niche for itself by producing, processing and packaging high quality gourmet of breakfast cereals, nuts and healthy snacks. We wish to work in sync with the medical fraternity who believe likewise in the wellness of human beings in the natural and the healthy way. ‘Nutrition’ for us is the most vital component since what we eat, eventually reflects in our health and dietary regimes. Our motto has been to make India a more healthy country by promoting healthy eating products.”

As the event began, Dr. R. K. Tuli shared, “The event “Wellness beyond Frontiers” has brought all of us in our ‘Body, Heart, Mind & Soul’ together beyond boundaries and serving the humanity, even though in slightly different ways. The core objective of the event is to project to the world the significance that the human being is not merely a physical body, but a combination of the body, the mind, the five senses and the soul with inherent capability of an ever active dynamic life-force replacing the old with the new all the time. This process is programmed in every human being, and offers us the potential of eliminating the root cause of sickness and replacing diseases of the human being with Positive Health and Total Wellness ‘Body, Mind and Spirit’. As a holistic physician, I have evolved a ‘model’ of drug-free healthcare which ensures cure of any sickness as it extends benefits of all the existing systems of medicine while overcoming inherent deficiencies in the respective systems. Having benefited the top echelons, I feel it’s my duty and responsibility to take this incredible ‘model’ to the masses beyond all frontiers.”

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  1. Govindarajan Iyengar says

    Holistic medicine has been my passion ever since my medical graduation . Would like to have a guide to start a holistic center in or near Bengaluru.
    Dr RG Raman, pediatrician, Reiki Master.

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