Heatwave conditions likely to intensify in Delhi, adjoining areas on May 13-14: IMD

Source: ANI

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New Delhi, May 11: Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) on Wednesday said that Delhi and adjoining areas are likely to face a heatwave on May 13 and 14.

Senior IMD scientist RK Jenamani said, “As of today west Rajasthan and Vidarbha are having 44 to 45 degrees temperature in about 7-8 stations. So, the heatwave is prevailing and it will continue for the next 3-4 days. Regarding the remaining part, West Madhya Pradesh may have heatwave conditions for the next three days. These are the areas experiencing heatwave continue.”

“Regarding the forecast of a heatwave, Punjab Haryana and Delhi, we don’t have a heatwave till today. The temperature was within 40 degrees over Safdarjung. So, the weather condition is better than in April and it is continuing,” he added.

“Regarding the prediction for the heatwave for the next five days, chances are there that from the 13th or 14th of May, heatwave conditions may develop over Delhi, Punjab, and Haryana. So we are monitoring because of the Asani cyclone the impact is continuing. Easterly winds are there and also westerly winds in the southern part of north India are there,” he said.

“Another active western disturbance is coming around May 16. So whatever heatwave will be there around 13th or 14th because the western disturbance will come around 16th, the rain will be there over Delhi also after that,” he told.

Speaking about the cyclone, Jenamani said, “Asani cyclone has now moved eastward. It is now east of Macchalipattnam. Now it will move along that Andhra coast, Narsapur and Vishakhapatnam coast and then it will start recurving.”

“Regarding the wind condition along with the cyclone, in the sea area, we have given 60-70 Kmph gusting to a maximum of 90 Kmph gusting. Along the coast i.e Vishakhapatnam and Narsapur, we are given 50-60 Kmph gusting to a maximum 70 Kmph gusting till night and then it will reduce. About Odisha and West Bengal, we are not giving any warning. Only the strong wind of 40-50 Kmph gusting to maximum 60 Kmph gusting because this cyclone will turn into depression by tonight and again depression by tomorrow morning”, he told.

Today the coastal Andhra Pradesh will get very heavy rainfall and that is why we have given a red warning. Tomorrow it will have isolated heavy rainfall and we gave given orange colour warning. Otherwise, we have given Odisha and West Bengal yellow colour warning, he added.

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