Here’s how a lockdown is different from a curfew

Pravendra Kumar Singh

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Lock down:

1. All essential services constantly remains in running conditions.

2. Food items like milk products, vegetables shops are open.

3. You can come out of your home to buy essential goods.

4. You can purchase food from restaurants and take home

5. Action is taken under section 269 and 270 of IPC for breaking lockdown

6. In Lockdown, police cannot arrest anyone without courts permission.


1. All essential services constantly remains closed.

2. Police can allow essential Food items milk products Vegetables for small period of time.

3. Hotels and Restaurants are shutdown.

4. Action can be taken under section 188 of IPC if curfew is violated.

5. In Curfew, police can arrest anyone without court’s permission.

6. Curfew means total shutdown.

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